Kid Koala’s Music To Draw To: Io is the second volume in the legendary scratch DJ’s transportive ambient-vocal collaboration series. Inspired by music that allows space for the listener’s own ideas, the Music To Draw To series is an unfolding universe of wintry soundscapes and enchanting vocal journeys. …


Floor Kids is the breakthrough breakdance battle video game with original music by legendary scratch DJ and producer Kid Koala. Featuring 42 tracks and 71 minutes of original instrumental hip-hop and break music from the game, the Floor Kids Original Video Game Soundtrack is a timeless journey across every era of the sound, cycling through silky 70s funk, thumping 80s 808s, granular 90s 12 bit, and 00s synth funk.…

Music To Draw To: Satellite, an ambient electronic record featuring vocals by Icelandic singer Emilíana Torrini. An uncharted journey for the legendary scratch DJ, producer, and composer, Kid Koala’s fifth studio album is an emotional work of expansive instrumental soundscapes and chilling vocal ballads.
As a real, genuine kid, long before he became Kid Koala, Eric San wanted an E-mu SP-1200 sampler – the Ark of the Covenent of hip hop production, used by his idols and heroes and imbued with legendary, almost supernatural, audio powers by rap aficionados worldwide. Now, having hit his thirties, Eric finally has the machine he always craved. The result is a really raw, immediate and strangely beautiful album, much like the music it draws on for its inspiration.
The Space Cadet soundtrack was recorded in the wintertime in Montreal on a piano, bass, viola, and multiple turntables.  It is a collection of classically based quiet-time compositions perfect for lulling your newborn to sleep. Features Kid Koala’s first 8-part turntable string arrangement.
100% features 10 tracks of turntable sludge blues produced by Kid Koala and Dynomite D., and mixed by Vid Cousins and Mario Caldato Jr. (of Beastie Boys fame). Somewhere between Black Sabbath and Public Enemy, it’s the perfect soundtrack for your next skateboard outing or parcour training session.
More turntable mayhem with exclusive Slew tests and the ever-amazing track "Mosquito vs. Water Buffalo." Recorded on 24-track analog reel-to-reel tape.
Recorded live in London, UK, in 2003 on 8 turntables and a piano. The live CD/DVD features animated videos by Monkmus.
Original soundtrack to the book, which acts as a "film score," with 10 exclusive tracks composed and performed by Kid Koala. This delightfully eccentric concept is sure to appeal to Kid Koala fans, comic-book fans, and music lovers.
This album includes the all-vinyl-assembled ska track "Skanky Panky" as well as Kid Koala's version of the New Orleans jazz classic "Basin Street Blues," plus the John Hughes-inspired "Flu Season," consisting of 47 coughs and sneezes scratched off of records. Some Of My Best Friends Are DJs includes the Basin Street Blues Video, a 50-page comic book, and a chess set.
The very limited 7" vinyl record featuring Kid's version of "Basin Street Blues" featuring Kid Koala on turntable upright bass, turntable drums, turntable clarinet, turntable trombone, turntable sax, and turntable trumpet. B side includes "Vacation Island".
Part radio play, part comedy, all turntables... and next to no beats!  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome includes the hits "Barhopper 1,"  "Barhopper  2," and "Drunk Trumpet," as well as the Thom Yorke-approved "Like Irregular Chickens." The album is packaged with a 36-page comic book and also includes a video game with sound design by Kid Koala.
This 10" vinyl album includes a new version of the Emperor's Crash Course in Cantonese. Thanks to David Byrne for being so cool and allowing us to use his main title theme from the Bertolucci film! Also includes the B-side "Bugs n' Beats."
Scratch Happy Land is the 10" vinyl edited version of the Scratchcratchratchatch cassette.
Ah, where it all began. Scratchcratchratchatch, a 30-minute cassette recorded in 1995, introduced the world to Kid Koala's signature silly turntable experiments. It was recorded on a 4-track analog cassette recorder in the summertime.