About the 12 bit Blues Battle Competition

Kid Koala invites all aspiring DJs to create a 2 1/2 minute routine from the 12 bit Blues flexi-disc, which offers 15 blues bits complete with drums, tones, and scratch sounds.

Hey, we’re glad you’re excited and have so many questions. We’ve taken them all upstairs to our on retainer turntable contest specialists (what every office doesn’t have those?) and they have approved the following clarification. Entrants are allowed to use effects, Serato, Ableton setups, loop pedals, harmonica’s, etc… The only hard rule is that you MUST utilize at least ONE COPY of the flexi disc from ’12 bit Blues’ in your routine and the routine MUST solely utilize the audio from the flexi. And when we say “use” we mean use the audio… i.e stapling to your forehead doesn’t count… So go ahead and record the audio into Serato (or whatever) to create your multiple copies, but one of those decks needs to be rocking the flexi.

And keep in mind… this is a Kid Koala contest. As much as we’ll be looking for “tight” we’re also looking for “creative”. Have fun!

Contestants can upload their best single DJ routine video URL HERE, and successful entries will show up at youtube.com/kidkoalabattle

The public will vote online using YouTube Likes, narrowing entries to three finalists. From there, a panel of Kid Koala’s DJ peers will choose one final winner, whose prize will be a brand new Rane Sixty-Two mixer ($2499 retail value!!)

For those of you feeling extra-curricular, there will be BONUS PRIZES for anyone who’s able to somehow work the hand-powered cardboard turntable into their routine, even if just for a few moments.

Deadline for the contest: SATURDAY, 8 DECEMBER 2012 – Good luck!

Brought to you by Ninja Tune and RANE.

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  1. laurent

    hey men I don’t know how to contact you…but I bought a lp at La machine du moulin rouge and I didn’t have any thing inside exept the 2 lps….You live me an otograph on it at the end of the show, My friend ( the rasta) will contact you shurelly by facebook, because it’s the same for him…..how can we do? we are very very sad of tha mistake…..

  2. kidk

    Oh no!
    The vinyl we have at the merch booth on EU tour is not the one with the kit. there was a sign at the table explaining this. we have sold out of limited edition vinyl with the turntable kits on tour. they have all been sent to the US to the distributor. there was a package deal that included the vinyl + cd w/ record player kit at the merch booth. perhaps you didn’t see the sign? The CD version (white box) includes the kit.

  3. JK

    Hello! so I need to use flexi disc at least one time in my routine or trough the whole routine? And video should be in one take or I can shoot couple takes and edit them together? Thanks!

  4. Unit27 | Kid Koala 12 Bit Blues Contest Routine

    […] Here’s a new scratch routine I built for the Kid Koala 12 Bit Blues Contest. […]

  5. kidk

    just at one time.

  6. JK

    thanks for your answer. but what about editing? can I use multiply edit or it should be one take routine?

  7. JK

    Hey, don’t want to be annoying but can you please answer my question? It is so hard to do backspins on flexi disc. If I’m allowed to make couple takes and then edit it to one clip it would sound a lot better. So please can I do that?

  8. kidk

    yeah we are keeping it a one take thing. but really you only have to use the flexi disc for one part of the routine. just cut it up for 5 seconds from the actual flexi at one point. The rest can be done with ripped audio onto serato control discs or ableton etc. any musical instruments also welcome in the mix.

  9. Shtrih55

    Hey, this is dope contest! I’ve got flexi disc too and might be able to put routine before the deadline. So I must use only that material from the disc or can I add my own hi-hats, bass and additional stuff for example in daw?

  10. kidk

    You have to use the flexi disc and audio at one point during routine literally that can be 5 seconds! the rest is up to you. all musical instruments/technology is welcome.

  11. Shtrih55

    I’ve uploaded my video twice via the link that provided but it’s still not shown in entries playlist.

  12. JK

    If person is paying for youtube likes or create many accounts it is still counts? Regardless of his skills and routine his reaches nearly second place in two days with lowest view count from all top contestants. I think that this is main problem with public voting system that not all contestent have respect for each other and start to cheating. Competition must be rewarding for those who has talent, who has skills, who put a lot of work in their routines. There are 12 routines not 120 so I’m sure that Kid Koala would be able to choose winner. Or at least top 6. I’m sure that all contestants will be agree with that. Because if there are still top 3 to be considered than he might not see some good routines that can be close to winning.
    Sorry for my bad english. Peace for all!

  13. kidk

    I believe if there are less than 20 entries I will have all the judges watch all the entries and decide. I am not one of the judges but I will tally up their votes. Hope that answers your questions.


  14. JK

    yeah, it’s the best option. thanks!

  15. Lad

    The way we film my routine was bad, but this was saturday at 22pm. The link apperas on the page today, can we post again our work?

  16. kidk

    I believe ninja has closed entries but you could try!

  17. Shtrih55

    hi. so when there will be results?

  18. kidk

    The entries have been sent to the judges and we are awaiting their votes. Winner will be announced January 11, 2013.

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