DECEMBER 20th and 21st at Biltmore Cabaret.


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  1. Horse Wife

    I took my boyfriend to see your show last night at the Biltmore Cabaret for his birthday. The two opening acts were so horrendous that we could not stay. The first “band” wasn’t even playing their own songs. I heard vocals, but was anyone singing? No. Upon closer inspection, it didn’t even seem like they were playing their own instruments. If I wanted to witness the “art” of lip-synch, I would have stayed home to watch Ashlee Simpson on YouTube.

    The second group (I’m assuming they were Run with the Heard) was a knock-off version of LMFAO. Only worse. They were even wearing matching outfits. We left half-way through the first song, pissed off and disappointed.

    Needless to say, this was not what I expected from a Kid Koala show. And I think that your credibility as an artist suffers as a result. Maybe next time you should be careful not to affiliate yourself with such amateur garbage.


    Horse Wife

  2. kidk

    Dear Horse Wife.

    wow, you seem very upset. which troubles me because that’s not why i got into the entertainment business.

    I myself, did not get to the venue until just before my set (I was visiting a friends’ newborn baby) so I cannot comment on the performance of the acts that played before me. I did meet them at the end of my soundcheck and they all seem like cool and enthusiastic people.

    But I do want you to know that I am not always in control of who else is on the bill. Sometimes these things are built into the show offers we receive from promoters or other agents.

    The only time I am actually able to curate an entire lineup for an evening is when the record label gives me a little bit of tour support budget to produce my own tour. Usually, that only happens when there is a specific release the label is promoting.

    So far I have only produced 3 tours with this scenario.

    2003’s kid koala presents: Nufonia Must Fall book launch/supper club tour (with Kid Koala, DJ P-Love and support act: DJ Jester)

    2003’s kid koala presents: Short Attention Span Audio Theater/Some of My Best Friends Are DJS album launch tour (with Kid Koala, DJ P-love and support acts: DJ Jester and Lederhosen Lucil)

    2009’s kid koala presents: THE SLEW (with KId Koala, Dj P-love, ex-Wolfmother rhythm section Chris and Myles and support act: Adira Amram)

    and forthcoming tour

    2010: kid koala presents: SPACE CADET book launch/headphone concert/gallery (with Kid Koala, DJ P-Love and support act : Terence Bernardo)

    You’ll recognize these events because it will say something like “kid koala presents:” before the actual tour name. Also, I will handle all the artwork and design for the posters myself.

    These tours are very expensive for us to produce and often I have to save up enough money from a few years of touring before I can do them.

    The rest of the time I’m on tour or performing live it is by invitation. sometimes by promoters, sometimes by music festivals… in these cases a lot of things are built into contracts before we even receive the offer for the show. Often they already have a lineup in mind.

    Does this mean to say that anytime it’s not a kidk produced tour that it’s not a show of mine worth seeing? No, quite the contrary. It is at these non-release promoting shows I get the freedom to go back to my deejaying roots and see where I can take it. I personally love doing these gigs because I get to try a lot of stuff in my sets in different contexts, rooms, dancefloors. I also get to meet lots of new people and witness new music from all over the world.

    However, the only thing I can really vouch for as far as a whole evening’s entertainment at an invitation gig is my set. So I am sorry you missed it. I will be contacting you through email to make arrangements for you to see a different show perhaps.

    That being said, I’d like for this not lead to a thread of band bashing and negativity if it can be helped. There are plenty of other places online people can go for that. Besides, there are much heavier problems in the world.

    Plus, I’m sure they weren’t that bad. unexpected perhaps, but that keeps life interesting, doesn’t it? And even if they were, you have to start somewhere, no? Support your local acts a little.

    Think of all of the tens of thousands of people I knowingly confused and alienated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome! Some of them are finally getting it now. And it’s like 10 years later. 😉

    Anyways, we all have to start somewhere! Just thinking of some of the gigs I did and turntable routines I rocked in the early 90’s and the poor people that had to witness them makes me want to cut my face off. 🙂

    still, thank you for your honesty.

    happy birthday to your friend. and we will be contacting you shortly through email.


  3. Marc

    Wait, so she’s blaming you for the show but she left before it started?? Oh I get it! No I don’t.

  4. Joey from Run with the Heard


    First of all, I’d like to say it was an honour to share the stage and amazing crowd with you, Kid Koala. It was one of the best experiences I’ve personally had in my 8+ years of performing. For the most part, it was received very well and we heard “why don’t you have an album for me to buy,” more than anything else. 

    Horse Wife, we usually don’t respond to any reviews, good or bad, but we feel bad that our first song turned you off so much that you were forced to miss Kid Koala’s set. And you are right, we are amateur, as we don’t even close to enough money to support ourselves at this point, but, we love throwing a party and try our best to make people have fun. 

    We deeply apologize for your experience, and, if you’d like to come and give us another try and listen past the first song. we will give you tickets to any show you like. Just contact us on facebook. Run with the Heard is a group of 7 artists from very different musical backgrounds and our set goes from folk to hip hop to bluegrass to punk to electro dance music over the course of an hour, so, the first song gives a very small taste of what we do. 

    We also search the city for bands that we love and put them on as support acts to share what fan base we have. So if you come to one of our shows you’ll see bands we’ve researched and enjoy. We are advocates of supporting local art and, like Kid Koala said, positivity is key. 

    Thanks for the amazing performance Kid Koala, we thought, as did many of our fans and friends, that you were a very humble and friendly person. Happy holiday times. 

    Run with the Heard. 

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