An evening of quiet time records to warm up those creative juices in this sub-zero weather.

It’s winter time in Montreal…
Are you slacking off on knitting that scarf you started in 2004? Maybe you’ve been trying to finish that third act of that play you’ve been writing…? How’s that collection of Sonnets coming along? Are you still sketching out storyboards for that animated short you wanted to make?

Bring your sketchbook, yarn, or that lump of clay. Floor lamps, pens, knitting needles, and lap desks will be provided. Five bucks admission includes a free cup of hot chocolate or tea. Music will be provided by Kid Koala. Expect a full 5-hour set of some of his favorite quiet time records that he has collected on his travels around the world. Baked goods will be provided by Kid Koala’s wife, Corinne, who dreams of someday opening a bakery in Montreal and would like to try some of her new creations first.

Quiet people are invited. Bring something to work on. No dancing. Hope to see you there!

3 NIGHTS ONLY : 7pm until midnight :
March 2, 2009
March 9, 2009
March 16, 2009
Theatre St. Catherine: 264 St. Catherine E., Montreal, QC


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  1. julien

    Wow, what an excellent concept. I’d really love to be able to attend. Sadly, Montreal is a bit far from my little Switzerland… 🙁

  2. DJ

    I’m flying out for sure! where do I get tickets!!!

  3. Shael Riley

    I love this concept and wish I could attend. Were I closer to Montreal, I might finally finish that Wuxia Spaghetti Western screenplay I started in college.

    You’re doing the world some good here, sir.

  4. A McKaul

    I’m there fo sho

  5. This Is Me Posting

    I’ll definitely be attending.

  6. Miguel

    Oh wow! I would love to go to this! Any chance of you doing a version in Toronto some time?

  7. kidk

    I hadn’t really planned on touring this event. We’re just trying it out in Montreal for now. We’re having a lot of fun putting it together though… just bought a whole bunch of hot chocolate mix and pencils. If the nights go well, I’m not opposed to the idea of bringing it to other towns… we’ll keep you posted. cool. e

  8. BEAR

    Should/can tickets be purchased beforehand?

    (By the way, this is SUCH a fantastic concept. After spending a number of winters in Montreal, going outside to a club or show just can be too jarring after spending weeks in the snow-covered quiet of the city. This is a nice middle ground between wanting to go out and wanting to read under my covers for hours.)

  9. Cori

    Tickets will only be available at the door on the night of the event. But you should consider getting there earlier rather than later as we are bringing in drawing tables for everybody which will lower the capacity of the room quite a bit. It will start at 7pm and run until midnight.

  10. Atomier

    Did John Ng put you up to this? I’ll try and get the Merure comic collective to join.

  11. Anthony

    I didn’t know that Kid Koala is married. Glad to see that he found someone to be with during his DJ career.

    I’d love to go. I love to draw random stuff, but I still have to find a way to Montreal and back. 😛

  12. Otis

    This is a wonderful project! I’ve been wanting to do clip-art collages again. And with a stack of throwaway records from thrift stores here I’ll be bringing covers to cut up with glue stick and scissors and some poster board. I’m sure maybe others might want to collaborate on a poster collage.

    Quiet records. Man, I just love it! Salut!

  13. julien

    Well…. I wanted to take some vacation for some time, so I finally decided it would be a cool idea to fly over from Switzerland to Montreal for this show. See you there! 🙂

    PS: It says “No dancing”, but are we allowed to take pictures of Kid Koala mixing?

  14. Val

    Have you considered doing this sort of evening at/during Anticipation, the 67th World Science Fiction Convention in Montréal this August? It would go over well. If you want to do it at the con, you can email ( :

  15. Brandon Rae

    This is truly amazing. I’ll be there on the 9th for sure, and then probably the 16th.
    Have fun tonight, whoever can make it out!

    Brandon Rae

  16. RedEye

    “Draw draw draw! practice your drawing 20 to 30 minutes a day.” – Commander Mark

    to doodle is good for the noodle!
    see ya there!

  17. brent

    That poster is awesome! Is there anyway i can get a copy of that poster? Also, i wish i lived closer to the event, It sounds like a good time.

  18. Al aka El Negro Magnifico

    What a great concept! If you toured this, I’d be eternally grateful.

  19. ignacio

    This is incredible. I have been wanting to take part in something like this for ages. Sadly, I live in Buenos Aires. Would you mind posting a playlist, or point towards artists you’ll be playing that night? Like that, I could feel just a tiny bit closer to montreal. Thanks in advance, and good luck with it, it sounds amazing.

  20. Deal Robot

    I know some people waiting for you in Calgary. C’mooooon.

  21. Mike

    Dude. This is so AWESOME. I live in South Africa. Please. Come to South Africa to do this. Seriously. This is the best idea I’ve heard in a while, event-wise. I love it.

  22. donny

    like many others, i’d go if i were closer. this idea is dope!

  23. Ward

    Portland, OR would be a perfect site for this as well! Any chance that some of the music be packaged and sold as a set? Or something? Would love to check it out.

  24. Kathy

    I, like many others, think this is a great idea and would like to have something similar in my town. Have you thought about setting some guidelines like Dr. Sketchy’s?

  25. Pete B

    Totally cool idea, maybe you could franchise it under a creative commons license so people could arrange one in their own home town.

  26. ignacio

    That creative commons license thing sounds actually quite interesting. Don’t know WHAT exactly he would be licensing … perhaps the method? like, the structure of it. I am also checking dr. sketchy out, had never heard of it.

  27. Mark in queens

    PLEASE come do this in New York. PLEASE.

  28. soo

    does anyone want to do this in Malmö, Sweden? This is a fantastic idea!

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  30. Emma

    Hey, any chance of a springtime edition?

  31. kidk

    Hi Emma,

    we may be looking into some springtime/outdoor venues where it could work. Still scouting for a suitable venue. We will keep you posted.



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  33. Lydia

    What a great concept!! will be there for sure with my creative friends.

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