We are hosting a whole bunch of events all over Montreal leading up to our Nufonia shows at Place Des Arts!  Here’s the schedule:


JULY 28: “MAKING OF NUFONIA” presentation at MIM EVENT at Moment Factory Headquarters!  (FREE! with RSVP at MIM)

AUG 6:  ROBOT CRAFT/DIY GRAMOPHONE DAY at Les Oubliettes Cafe (FREE!  10am – 1pm)  attendees can build their own working Kid Koala cardboard gramophone kit OR knit their own Robot finger puppet with your friend Pippa.  All materials provided!  Just bring your fine motor skills!

AUG 7:  BUILD YOUR OWN ROBOT/ELECTRO DANCE PARTY at Marché des Possibles (FREE!  4pm – 6pm)  It goes like this: 4pm -5pm build your own cardboard robot suit.  5pm-6pm ROBOT DANCE PARTY with KID KOALA (a special robo inspired electro x vocoder set).  All materials provided.  Just bring your robo dance moves.

AUG 15:  MUSIC TO DRAW TO (Nufonia Edition) at Maison June Rose.  (FREE!  5pm-11pm)  Bring your Sketchbook, Finish that screenplay, Code that video game.  Just bring something creative and quiet to work on.  Special Nufonia Edition colouring sheets and Grey crayons also available at this event.  Louisa (the original grayscaler for Nufonia) will pick her favourites and you could win some amazing prize  packs!  Also some greyscale munchies will be involved including dumplings and oysters!

AUG 20:  NUFONIA GELATO LAUNCH/BLOCK PARTY!  special hand made all natural Nufonia grey (black sesame) gelato will be available at L’Armoire A Glaces!  Drop by and try a cone or pick up a pint for your BBQ!  Music provided by Kid Koala!

AUG 24:  NUFONIA x LE BREMNER!  AFTERNOON FOOD EVENT at Le Bremner.  (2pm-5pm)  Chef Danny Smiles has created a special Nufonia inspired dish for you to try!   Kid Koala will be there cutting up records as well as being one of the line cooks!  Come on down and snack with us!

AUG 28:  NUFONIA GREY SMOOTHIE LAUNCH at AUX VIVRES!  Drop by Aux Vivres and try one of the new all natural Nufonia grey (blueberry) smoothies!  Music provided by Kid Koala!


AUG 31:  NUFONIA x JOE BEEF!  Chef Fred Morin will be creating a special Nufonia inspired dish which will be on the menu at Joe Beef for a limited time leading up to the shows!


SEPT 2, 3, 4, 5:  KID KOALA’s NUFONIA MUST FALL LIVE!  at PLACE DES ARTS!  6 performances (2 matinées)!  directed by K.K. Barrett (known for his work on Her, Lost In Translation, Being John Malkovich, Where The Wild Things Are) feat. Kid Koala and Afiara String Quartet plus a whole team of puppeteers, camera operators, and technicians!  A live film created right before your eyes on 4 cameras, 17 miniature sets, and 50+ puppets!  Bring your families, friends, dates, and come enjoy the show!


TICKETS for NUFONIA MUST FALL at Place des Arts now on sale here.  ($10 discounts for children)


some quotes about Nufonia Must Fall Live:


“Part of the enjoyment is glancing from the screen to the dimly lighted stage, seeing the puppeteers move from backdrop to backdrop and watching the ingenuity of the perspective and the minuscule gestures that translate into big-screen drama.”

-The New York Times


“beautiful, laugh-out-loud funny and stunning!  Those tiny little puppets actually made me cry.”

-Mark Osborne, director, The Little Prince, Kung Fu Panda


“The film, small and tender, could stand strong on its own, but the heart of the production lies in watching it being created.”

-The Guardian


“At each and every moment: moving, original, and deeply inspiring.  One of the great entertainments of the year.”

-Darren Aronofsky, director, Black Swan, Requiem for a Dream, Pi



“Postmodern Chaplin.”

-Chris Strouth for the Walker Art Center


“Music, cinematography, and puppetry come together in this magic trick of the heart.”

-Jason Reitman, director, Juno, Up in the Air


“It is remarkable what can be done with a handful of puppets and a dozen sets, and how amazingly captivating it can be for an audience… This is a family show in all respects, with as much to intrigue and engage adults as there is for the younger audience members, and there were plenty of them, all of whom hardly made a sound until the overwhelming final applause and standing ovation.  Don’t miss this, whether you have kids or not.”

– Broadway World



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  1. Maxime Grenier Dallaire

    Looking forward to pass some time with an amazing, accessible artist! Keep up the good work Eric (and everyone in your team)! See you next weekend! Cheers!

  2. Kid Koala explores a new branch with Nufonia Must Fall puppet show | Montreal Gazette

    […] For more information, visit kidkoala.com. […]

  3. kidk

    thank you for your interest! we are so happy to finally bring Nufonia to Montreal!

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