KID KOALA presents
To celebrate the release of his new album ’12 bit Blues’ (Pre-Order here)
And introducing kid k’s very special guests:

a one-of-a-kind spectacle featuring…

PUPPETS!: Be amazed by the brand new state-of-the-art robotic back up singer puppets!

DANCING GIRLS!: Be mesmerized by the sultry fan dances of kid koala’s dancing girls!

MUSIC!: Hear kid koala classics as well as new tracks from the 12 bit Blues being performed live by kid koala on 2 x SP1200s and 3 x turntables!

ROBOTS!: See the almost life size articulated Nufonia Must Fall and Space Cadet robots dance to the beat!

GIANT CARDBOARD TURNTABLE!: Watch the crew assemble a giant cardboard working gramophone on stage right before your very eyes!

PARLOR GAMES!: Win prizes by playing 12 bit blues bingo! And the funky roulette wheel of awesomeness.

in town for one night only! not to be missed!

And very special guests: ADIRA AMRAM AND THE EXPERIENCE (NYC) Doing a hilarious high energy 20 minute musical comedy workout to warm things up!


Buy tickets here:

Fri 28 Sep – Geneva, Switzerland – L’Usine (Rez)
Sat 29 Sep – Basel, Switzerland – Kaserne
Sun 30 Sep – Paris, France – La Machine du Moulin Rouge
Wed 03 Oct – Mannheim, Germany – Alte Feuerwache – Enjoy Jazz festival
Thu 04 Oct – Berlin, Germany – Gretchen
Fri 05 Oct – Hamburg, Germany – Kampnagel
Sat 06 Oct – Brussels, Belgium – Botanique, Orangerie
Sun 07 Oct – Gent, Belgium – Vooruit Balzaal
Mon 08 Oct – Amsterdam, Holland – Melkweg
Thu 11 Oct – London, UK – Islington Academy
Fri 12 Oct – Bristol, UK – Fiddlers
Sat 13 Oct – Manchester – TBA

8 Responses

  1. robert

    Being fully aware of transport costs,
    is there any chance you could squeeze in a Dublin date!!!!!
    there are some great spots you could set up in!

  2. kidk

    that could be a lot of fun. if you know of a room/promoter that could pull off a gig like this… have them contact our UK/Europe Booking Agency, CODA.

  3. Benjamin Brady

    Mr. Koala,
    I’ve always appreciated your styleand the depth of your track usage. Please play a show in New England. This type of Vaudeville sounds awesome and I’m glad that you have the creativity to comeup with it conceptually and the skill to put it into production. I know that we are consistently uptight and kind of WASP-ish, but even still, we have our momentary points where your samples play right into our kind of daily operations (it actually makes the uptightness and grouchiness/countryness -depending on where you are- kind of funny).
    I’ll wrangle a crowd if you need a proven audience before committing to something like that. If you’d rprefer a un-urban venue, I’ll find one for you. Thanks for being the way you are with your music and shows. Your albums make me smile while people are yelling at me in slow moving traffic.

  4. Benjamin Brady

    Sorry about the identifiaction of New Englanders being WASPy, grouchy, or Country-like.
    That was probably not favorable and I understand. I don;t know what we are as a whole that makes us an unfavorable site, but I’d like it if you came and played. We would love it if yopu’d play after 10:15.

  5. kidk

    Hey Benjamin,

    If you know of a promoter in your town who would be interested in booking a date on this tour, please have them contact us and we will see what we can do about working it into the itinerary. So far the European and UK dates are confirmed and we are starting to look into North American dates.
    Cheers! Let’s make this happen!

  6. bklynfan

    Come back to Brooklyn!!! The Headphone Experience in Ft Greene was AMAZING! Happy to try and connect you with venues. off the top of my head (Union Hall, The Bell House).

  7. kidk

    I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed the Space Cadet gig! It was kind of departure from my regular concert format. I will be in BK in November for the 12 bit Blues tour. That one will have dancing girls and puppets! Gonna be a lot of fun. Hope to see you there! We will post confirmed venues once the itinerary is set!


  8. Bronson

    hey there eric,

    Can you lay out your needs for this gig? Sounds like a lot of room needed for the stage. an idea of capacity of the venue to make it worth your while. sounds like this would fit a club environment more so than a concert hall ?

    In any case, sounds like loads of fun. hope to make this time happen or you’ll be close enough in midwest, that i can make it.

    one tour we had it set up for a live hour show with an interview and time to play a good bit. this was on the local public radio station. don’t know if they would still go for it, but if we get a decent venue lined up we could try.

    keep on, keepin’ on,we love ya’


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