nufonia elevatorWe are so excited to bring Nufonia Must Fall to Shanghai, China as part of the Shanghai International Festival of Theatre in Jiading.

OCT 22, 2016 Jiading Cultural Center. FREE
OCT 23, 2016 Jiading Cultural Center. FREE
OCT 27, 2016 Shanghai Theatre Academy
OCT 28, 2016 Shanghai Theatre Academy

more info in the tour section!

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  1. Jamie

    I am an audience of the oct 28 show. It was awesome! I have missed to purchase the program of the show which was selling at the reception of the theatre, are there by any chance I can buy a copy of it still? Thanks!

  2. kidk

    Thank you for joining us! We had a lot of fun visiting and performing in Shanghai. We have the books available at the mail order web store here at our site. Otherwise, we hope to be to Shanghai again soon. Maybe next year!

    Thank you for your interest!

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