A new way of touring for us…

We’ve been invited to take the “Music to Draw to…” event to select cities outside Montreal.  Baby daughter doesn’t like to do the one-city/one-night tours… so the whole family is going to be posting up in select towns for a whole 3-4 days (which is rare for me).  And just for the sake of balance… or maybe dynamics… we’ve decided to combine 2 events into what will now be known as the LOUD PARTY/QUIET WORK weekend.


So I’ll be packing up my mixer (currently Rane empath) and Corinne will be packing up her mixer (currently KitchenAid 600)  and the 4 of us, including mother-in-law will be heading to New York, Los Angeles and Toronto… for 2 events with 2 completely different agendas…





1)  LOUD PARTY:  get up! get down!  indoor block party LOUD shake it loose turntable dance party at a concert venue or club in the town. bring your dancing shoes and some smiles and come on down and make some noise.

The LOS ANGELES LOUD Indoor block party April 27th at Bordello Bar
The NEW YORK LOUD Indoor block party May 3rd at Le Poisson Rouge
The TORONTO LOUD Indoor block party May 7th at Lee’s Palace

2)  QUIET WORK:  Music to Draw to… soiree.  Our little event from Montreal is going to see the world.  This event will be a little quieter… 5-hour set of quiet time tunes to work to…  Bring your sketchbook, yarn or that lump of clay and come on down and get some work done.  Baked goods will be provided by Corinne and mom-in-law.  quiet people are invited.  no dancing.  $5 bucks includes a free cup of hot chocolate and a pencil.

The LOS ANGELES “Music to Draw to…” event April 26th at Gallery Nucleus (5pm-10pm)
The NEW YORK “Music to Draw to…” event May 4th in Brooklyn at House of Yes (7pm-midnight)
The TORONTO “Music to Draw to…” event May 11th at The Central in association with the Toronto Comic Arts Festival (6pm-11pm)

We are very excited about this new touring method… I feel very lucky to be able to do shows AND see my family.  Thank you to everyone for understanding…  Looking forward to cuttin’ loose and calming down with the good people of New York, Toronto, and Los Angeles.


start spreading the news… check out the digital flyer above (that one’s for NY… LA and Toronto ones soon)  : )


please pass it on to anyone you know in the New York, Toronto or Los Angeles area who would be interested in attending either of these events.


Also, check out these great photos that this lady named Vivien took at the first “Music to Draw to…” night in Montreal.



see you soon!


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  2. Carrie

    Is there any chance “Music to Draw To” will make an appearance in Vancouver, BC?
    We love you Kid Koala!
    Please visit soon 🙂

  3. Toby

    The Quiet Work Party is an amazing idea. I wish i could be there to join the creativity. Happy quiet time.

  4. kidk

    Hi Carrie, Toby,

    We were actually just talking about doing a Pacific Northwest run at some point. Possibly a Vancouver, Seattle, Portland kind of thing… Do you know any venues in those towns where a quiet event like this could work? We are making a shortlist of rooms/theaters/clubs that are suited to this kind of thing for each city. Any tips you have would be greatly appreciated.



  5. Zerd

    I am enchanted by this event! Really wonderful stuff. Portland has tons of venues that could work for either/both events: The Someday Lounge, Rimsky-KorsaKoffee House, Audio Cinema…. Please bring this here!

  6. Carrie

    Hey KidK,
    I’m really happy to hear that you’re thinking of bringing your events out West!
    I’ll forward more venue ideas as I think of them but off the top of my head, this funky little place popped up – it’s a small restaurant, but at the back of the room it joins into an art gallery space, I think it just might be suitable – here’s a write up I found while Googling: http://www.martiniboys.com/Vancouver/Narrow-Artist-Lounge-nightlife.html
    Will forward more ideas when time permits (I’m back on the clock now, gotta run!).
    Cheers and Best,
    C 🙂


    I’ll see you in new york for the downtempo evening..


  8. Jamie

    Mr. Koala,
    Please say you’re thinking about doing this in Calgary when you are in town for the Folk Fest.

  9. kidk

    Hey Jamie,

    Not sure if Corinne is going to be joining me on that trip. But yes, I do think “Music to Draw to…” could work out in Calgary for sure. Especially in the winter. Please send us a list of possible venues and we’ll start looking in to it.


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  12. chris

    This sounds really cool, shame I’m in the UK.

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