5 shows at the Montreal BIOSPHERE! July 15-17, 2011. It’s an all ages event so go ahead and bring the family!
You can purchase your tickets through Osheaga Arts and evenko here.

Space Cadet is a unique immersive headphone concert experience. The audience sits in inflatable “space pods”, listening to the show through individual headphone systems as Kid Koala brings the Space Cadet score to life on a piano and several turntables.

Prior to the Space Cadet concert, come explore the Space Cadet Gallery! It’s fully equipped with Space Plant Sculpture installations, an interactive Music Spaceship Console, a Space Cadet Soundtrack Cassette Jukebox, and original etchboards from the Space Cadet book.

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  1. Bronson

    Can you draw at these shows? or do the pastels float away be cause Zero G?

  2. kidk



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