Here is a FREE link to the full album… to download THE SLEW : 100% *** link has expired. album is now available on 2xLP and CD on PUGET SOUND Recordings.

we figured you’d have more fun at the shows if you had heard these first… feel free to link/tweet +pass it on to your friends.

Here is the tracklisting:

1 ) 100%

It will be available on CD and 2xLP at the shows on The Slew: Live tour. dates below…

see you at the gigs…


**also, check out this video…The SLEW -It’s All Over (VIDEO)


Sept 23 VANCOUVER, BC – Red Room
Sept 24 SEATTLE, WA – Nectar
Sept 25 SAN FRANCISCO, CA – The Independent
Sept 26 COSTA MESA, CA – Detroit Bar (kid koala solo DJ set plus Adira Amram)
Sept 27 LOS ANGELES, CA – Key Club
Sept 30 BROOKLYN, NY – Music Hall of Williamsburg
Oct 1 BOSTON, MA – Great Scott
Oct 2 MONTREAL, QC – La Tulipe
Oct 3 TORONTO, ON – Mod Club
Oct 4 CHICAGO, IL – Abbey Pub

Tickets now available in all 9 cities. Go get your tickets now as space is limited.
One Time Only Tour. more info here.

here are some photos from our rehearsal space…

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  1. julien

    Woohoo \o/ Thanks a lot. Will the CD be also available to order? Because I’d love to have it (and flying over the Atlantic Ocean for a Kid Koala show twice the same year might be a bit overkill), :-)

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    [...] Rhythm section were announced a couple of days ago, then today (Sept 02) this simple posting on the Nufonia website: “Music is meant to be heard… THE SLEW: [...]

  3. Ash

    This is awesome! Thanks, Eric. Am trying to sort out an interview with you via James. It’s Ash from London, by the way – I talked your ear off for a few hours when you were here!


  4. scott

    Hook it up.

  5. kenkennif

    Many thanks !!

  6. Olash

    You’re the best Kid Ko ;-)
    Many thanks !!!

  7. Ted

    Dude, you’re the most awesome turntablist in the world! Thanks for the free music! MUSIC IS MEANT TO BE HEARD! Good luck at the live, Eric.

  8. cnc

    Many thanks for this, will it ever be available for purchase in the UK? It’s sounding mighty fine, great stuff

  9. Splattermonkey

    Dope!! A very nice follow up to Your Mom’s Favorite DJ. Looking forward to the show!

  10. Vinzc

    Whoaw!! The Selew is amazing, i’m listening to it since this morning, i love it! The new vertions of some “ymfdj” track are fresh :)

    Can’t wait to see it live and i hope you’ll come to France soon!!

    All the best

  11. Vinzc

    Slew not selew… sorry :)

  12. bronco

    Many thanks for sharing that! :)

  13. wazup

    thanks a lot my firend!

  14. jo

    That’s cool man! Thanks, Jo

  15. Peter

    Thank you SO much! When I first heard “Its all Over,” I was SO excited to go to one of the shows, but the only one I’d be able to make is 19+ and I’m not. Thank you so much for putting this up, I’m glad I can still hear alot of it. Maybe after the concert series is over is there anyway hard copies of the CD will be available? Either way, awesome stuff, really. Thanks a billion. :D

  16. johnny joe

    Hey! Thanks a lot! The album it’s great, congrats! Good luck with everything. Cheers!

  17. oclock

    killer man… keep making good music !!

    all the best from Brasil


  18. r

    thanks Eric, can’t wait to listen

  19. furzen

    This is so damn AWESOME! Thanks…

  20. Kid Koala- “The Slew” at

    [...] Download “THE SLEW” (Hear) [...]

  21. jimbo

    legend! thanks. x

  22. Keith

    Holy Shiza Kid this album rocks!!! Great job! Last time i saw you play was at the Rocks off concert cruise in nyc last year (which was awesome) and I need my Koala fix! Can’t wait to see the show in Nyc Sept 30th!

  23. jason

    OH MY GOSH!!!!!
    What can I say… I miss out 2 days checking your site and you up 100%, just downloaded the album and im loving every scratch filled minute of it!

    Mr San I bow my head to your genius.

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  26. Rdrox

    We want your music in Mexico!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You are truly amazing

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  28. nerdtorious blog

    New interview with Koala himself!

  29. Walker

    Oh my. You are a true champion.

  30. 100%… « [sto] salade tomates oignons [sto]

    [...] [ / the slew space] / Entretiens / Ingrédients [...]

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    [...] can download the album here and/or [...]

  32. myspoonistoobig

    Any remaining doubt about seeing this live is now replaced by trying to figure out if I can get from NYC to Boston and back in time for work…

  33. Хей, живи сме « vlnt

    [...] албум на Kid Koala, който си свалих миналата седмица от тук , както и приятното [...]

  34. herbert schager

    thanks, great….

  35. Christopher B

    Now I don’t use the word Hero very often…

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  38. pakizito

    Hey KK, i must say im a huge fan from portugal for ages! you’re a master of sound!
    In this time of furious copyright, i think you got the thing, you always had! I love to hear you and how you manage sound, that’s very very creative and excellent!
    Come to Portugal! :) Very beatiful place, you would love it!

  39. Félix

    Any chance to see you in France for this tour?

  40. brian fitzsimons

    Thanks so much for the Music.. in the middle of downloading and am wondering to myself what crazy sounds i’ll hear. . Please come back to Dublin Ireland….your last show there was amazing.. Peace..

  41. Presentations in Week 10 « Rmitmusic09’s Blog

    [...] and most panda bear like scratch turnablist, Kid Koala, releases his album for free : “Here is a link to the full album… we figured you’d have more fun at the shows if you had heard these first… feel free to pass [...]

  42. kidk

    hello everyone,

    thank you all very much for the kind words. we are happy to hear you are enjoying the album. Phew! 4 years in the studio pays off sometimes… Anyhow… industry is changing. please continue to blog/tweet/link the album to anyone you think would dig it! The tour is starting in 9 days and we’re trying to get the word out in this crazy world but we’re kind of doing it indie style and I know that word of mouth is really the only thing that gets music like this heard. thank you for all your support and enthusiasm. I am touched… and will try my darnedest to keep bringing the craziest shows I can think of to you…

    That being said, I’ve gotta get back to rehearsals. The Aussies arrive tomorrow and P-love and I still have 40 more records to learn.

    As of yet there are no plans for this tour to continue after the 9 confirmed cities in North America. But ask your local promoters to contact us. This tour is a much bigger production than my last few solo dj tours so it’s way more involved to make it happen. But believe me, all of you who have been writing to us from far away lands… We would want nothing more than to bring this tour to you… but right now it’s out of my hands. Fingers crossed, if the response is good enough on this run of dates, we will be able to bring us all out there to rock with y’all!

    okay… take care! It has begun… Back to practicing… No Sleep til Vancouver….


  43. ニオ

    damn. this rocks. very high energy cinematic grooves. cya 9/25. love and respect.

  44. Stacks

    no show in Hali-fax?
    any other way to get a vinyl?

  45. Manouch

    Thanks a lot !!!
    Kid Koala is back…
    I saw his last date in Frence and we’re waiting for him soon !!!!
    enjoy rock’n roll

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  47. Sebastian

    Could you do me a big favour ? Would be awesome if you could come to germany, best near Colone. New Project is fantastic, love it.

  48. falling might help, it’s a direction too afterall - photism

    [...] [...]

  49. dead air

    Hey Eric, It’ll be good to see you in Shanghai, lat time i saw you was the short attention span theatre tour in Calgary at the night gallery. I was the Ninja street team guy for a long time there.

    Anyways, the SLEW tracks are Not available in China, Mediafire has been blocked. Any chance you can post ‘em on rapid share or something like that as well… So we can all enjoy them.

    Take care, see you soon

  50. JamesG

    Fantastic! Thank You :) Scuttles off to bother local promoters…

  51. David R.

    You are the *man*.
    Loved seeing the show in Halifax this summer!

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  53. Tyler S.

    Wow. I have so much respect for you Koala. Hopefully I will have some cash to spend on the Toronto show. Keep doing what you love!!

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  56. Iron Horse

    This album dynamite! It’s raw, funky, and invigorating! Not to mention inspiring. Well done, and thank you (and TerrorBird).

  57. Kid Koalas Rock-Scratch-Turntablism-Album for free | Nerdcore

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  66. Jan

    This is awesome! :D
    But I guess it’s not Creative Commons, right? :(

  67. Kid Koala’s RockScratch Turntablism Album 4 free

    [...] Canadian turntablist Kid Koala is bringing the noise with his latest project, a stellar rock-hop collaboration called The Slew that effectively weds DJ skills and studio wizardry with raw rock ‘n’ roll power. “I think rock kids who hate turntables may listen to The Slew and get over their preconceptions pretty quickly,” said Kid Koala, aka Eric San, in an e-mail interview with San, 35, collaborated with Dylan Frombach (aka Dynomite D) to create Slew’s spine-shaking debut, 100%, which is available free from San’s official website. During production of 100%, San and Frombach made a point of turning up the tech by any means necessary. The result was studio and vinyl manipulation and amplification, enhanced by mixing from Beastie Boys’ producer Mario Caldato Jr., that is capable of turning heads and damaging ears. “When we started this album four-and-a-half years ago,” said San, “we would constantly ask ourselves, ‘What would it sound like if The Bomb Squad or The Dust Brothers had produced a Black Sabbath record?’” Then they reverse-engineered classic rock ‘n’ roll recordings and transferred their findings to their instruments of choice. Wired Interview Music is meant to be heard… THE SLEW: 100% Album Download [...]

  68. Steve

    Great stuff! Free stuff!

    I just heard your interview on CBC Radio 3.

    I will try to make it at La Tulipe.

    All the best :)

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  71. Michael

    I know the download was already posted, but will CDs be available for sale in the online store after the tour for those of us unable to attend one of the shows?

  72. Ripsey

    Amazing new album Eric! Congrats to everyone involved.

  73. axe.l

    Thank you – thank you! Typical for kind Kid Koala! Do a post on our blog!!!

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  79. CocoaGeek

    Totally awesome! Thanks Kid Koala and The Slew crew!

  80. Drugoy Hip-Hop

    The Slew – 100%…

    Эрик Сэн (он же Kid Koala) выложил в своем блоге для бесплатного скачивания дебютный альбом совместного проекта с бывшими участниками Wolfmother – The Slew. Очень приятны такие подарки от артистов – лично меня такие действия только побужда…

  81. Sepp Mahon

    WOAH …….THAT ROCKS!!!!!

    i guess my favourite tracks are 100% and The Grinder, but i also love every other track! Really a great idea!!! Thanks for puttin this thing on for free and i’m really looking forward to keep the vinyl in my hands. I hope that this will occur!

    ….and the time will come, that The Slew starts a european tour. Can’t wait to see you perform in germany someday

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  86. Marchandise

    Encore un album de fou! Merci de nous le donner!!
    Le show au Latulipe va être génial comme tout les show que je t’ai vu depuis le parvis de l’église St-Jean-Baptiste à Québec y’a une couple d’année.

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  88. mekuria getinet

    Hello fans !

    Just wanted to say thanks for your kind words about the photos of the sf show.
    I will be adding more photos from the show in the next few days including shots of the greatest opener ever Adira Amran.


  89. akirophoto

    that was a great night of music! thank you to all that made it possible! here are some polaroids from the evening:
    (dropping one a day :)


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  93. Joel

    sounds really good, i’ve never heard something like that before and i like’d like it. thanks.
    Joel. (El Salvador, Central America)

  94. Free copy of Kid Koala’s new album (limited download!) at

    [...] vinyl to create changes in pitch and tone and at one point was beating the turntable! Hit up his website for more info on the release and [...]

  95. Spekter

    That was the most phenomenal rock show I’ve seen. Period. I hope you recorded the Vancouver show and are going to post them :D

  96. The Slew Is Giving Us The Whole Album 100% Free «

    [...] The Slew is giving us the whole for free now because they” figured you’d have more fun at the shows if you’ve heard these first… feel free to link/tweet +pass it on to your friends.” – The Slew [...]

  97. Bruno Capella

    F*cking coool!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep doing more! Its very diferent and really nice. thanks for sharing (Brasil – São Paulo)

  98. Musiktipp: The Slew: 100% | Jeriko

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  99. Odieux

    Fuck yes !

    Come to france guys !

  100. The Slew - Kostenloses Album - Kostenlos, Jeriko, Album, Records, Koala, Warp, Shadow, Streetwear - Ich.Mir.Mich

    [...] wie ich auf DJ Shadow, Kid Koala und Warp Records steht der sollte sich unbedingt das Album von “The slew” runterladen. Kostenlos und [...]


    thanks for that free nice inventive music… I remember seing you in MTL couple of years ago… I loved it…

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    [...] for a good five years. Enough to make 100%, the Slew’s debut album (available digitally here)—a scratch-heavy collaboration between Dynomite D and Kid Koala—seem like a left-field listen, [...]


    oye kid koala, ven a tocar a chile porfavor!

    hey KK, come to Chile please, there are so many fans, and wine for ya
    …great by the way

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  106. The Slew ft, Mike Patton, Live at The Independent in SF 9/25/09

    In case anyone hasn’t seen it, I took the full video of The Slew’s set closer where Mike Patton got up on stage and added the vocals. It was sick to say the least.

    You can check out the video and some pictures I also took on my blog here:

  107. The Slew – Live at The Independent SF (9/25/09) ||

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  114. Le Simetierre des CD – 3e épisode : Spécial Québec (+ Pop Montréal) - Le Blob

    [...] Tout le monde aime Eric San. Ça vous ne dit rien? Si on dit Kid Koala, son nom de DJ, alors? Bon. De Mike Patton à Mario Caldato Jr (collabo des Beastie Boys), on s’arrache ce tout petit disc-jockey extraordinaire. Son nouveau projet l’est tout autant : en compagnie de son pote DJ de NYC, Dynomite D (AKA Dylan J. Frombach), KK rocke comme s’il n’y avait pas de lendemain, autant sur l’album qu’en concert (hier à la Tulipe – désolé, fallait être là), en compagnie de l’ex-section rythmique du groupe de rétro rock australien Wolfmother, soit le bassiste/claviériste Chris Ross et le batteur Myles Heskett. Les 2 platinistes échantillonnent habilement des lignes de voix, des riffs et des solos de guitare qu’ils superposent aux grooves balèzes joués live par ceux qui dans leur patrie côtoient des vrais koalas (hahaha). Autant pour le fan de l’ACME de Jon Spencer que des morceaux les plus funkys de ceux qui ont commis le classique Paul’s Boutique. Le gentil Kid Koala nous donne son remuant album – mixé par Caldato  - gratuitement sur son blogue. [...]

  115. Music of the Week « ali et noche

    [...] horrible at remembering where I found things so sorry) You can download the entire album of The Slew which I have been listening to nonstop while working. Don’t really know how to define them? [...]

  116. 4MTL » Kid koala, Rock on !

    [...] can download it, for free! Kid koala gives it to you here: In return you can pay for his show, this Friday at La Tulipe during the exciting popmontreal [...]


    аааааааааааааа давай ещЁЁЁЁ! ;) )

  118. » Blog Archive

    [...] I went to see Kid Koala’s new project band “the slew” concert at great scott Allston. You can download the slew’s new album for free from Kid Koala’s website [...]

  119. Dennis

    I saw the show the other day (Oct. 3rd @ Mod Club). It was amazing!

    I wanted to get the album but it seems the link in MediaFire doesn’t work. :(

    Is anyone else getting this problem? Can we get it fixed?


  120. rufus

    нормальный хопорокерский проект.
    тот+те = пиздатый стаф

  121. scott

    Hey Dennis. I just checked the mediafire link and it is working.


  122. RJ

    I was at that last show in Chicago. Was unreal! I can’t wait to hear what the slew comes up with next, it blew my mind. Come back to Chicago, by yourself, with p-love, or the slew, or anybody! Just please no 21 and older stuff cause that would prevent me from seeing my favorite DJ, 18 and older if anything.
    Can’t wait till next time.


  123. Ana Al Haqq » The Slew. 100%

    [...] Petit passage par ici pour vous signaler que The Slew, nouveau groupe emmené par Kid Koala, Dynamite D et la section rythmique de Wolfmother vient de mettre a disposition son excellent premier album 100% en téléchargement gratuit.  En gros et pour vous situer le style c’est Led Zeppelin meet the Turntablism; Ça se passe ici et ça poutre ! [...]

  124. Paul Hiller

    Great stuff! I’m sad I missed you guys in Williamsburg but I’m sure the opportunity will come up again. Keep up the awesome work, and thanks for the music.

  125. Erin Sweeney

    the williamburg show was fresh and raw and slammin. and the free link to the music!?! The dopest. Thank you!

  126. + blogue rock pesant et nostalgie + légende et critique musicale +

    [...]  [...]

  127. Rodka

    I gotta tell you, I’m amazed by this record. I can’t stop playing it!
    If you can, come to Brazil, I’d love to see this live!
    Best album of 2009, hand down! Congrats!

  128. MASSSSSSIVE UPDATE! « acquiesce to…

    [...] ass! They toured for the one and only time but worry not! You can check out their album for FREE here! After that, I checked out the Japandroids. A band whose album I’ve had for so long but still [...]

  129. Dennis

    Sweet! The link is working now. Thanks for letting me know, Scott. :)

  130. Miss Geekette » Une geekette, c’est comme un geek… mais au féminin » The Slew, direction les oreilles

    [...] et tout l’album est disponible librement et gratuitement en téléchargement en passant par ici (téléchargement direct ici). Certains morceaux sont de qualités inégales par rapport à [...]

  131. ruediger


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  137. Ravi

    This album is sooooooooo dope!!! Thanks for the hard work you put into this! My whiteboy rock friends are digging this!!

  138. chris

    What I’ve heard so far of the album is amazing, hope you guys are planning a flow up.

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  144. bklyn

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  146. dtkenmo

    Hey Eric! Great to meet you at Jazz Fest in Vancouver and catch your oh-so-awesome & totally cool act. Since I had not visited here or otherwise heard about the download previously, what I heard here was totally unexpected and completely blew me away :-D I love these surprises and you seem to have no shortage of them. Keep ‘em coming!

  147. kidk

    hey dtkenmo,

    glad you enjoyed the gig! We had a blast at the Commodore.


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  149. ryan tidd

    unbelievable, its not very often you hear a groundbreaking record with originality that is essentially recycled music. Congratulations!

  150. David Ross

    Hey thanks for the free download, Sound like a lot more fun than Wolfmother for little bro

  151. Jeff Rabbler

    Hey Mr. Koala, just wanted to say thanks for a great show at the Guelph Jazz Festival. It was a pleasure meeting again and having a chat over lunch. The new bluesy rock cuts were impressive and it was the longest solo set I’ve seen you do – Wicked! Have fun on the XX Tour and I can’t wait for Space Cadets and the new Slew Album!! KEEP ON DIGGIN ON!

  152. Sander

    Whow!!! man, you should definitely do this in the Netherlands. Many would appreciate a tour with those guys from WM and other guests! could you bring Mike P. along? keep it up, great that you put it on the Net for free! Big up!! When will the live show be available?

  153. kidk

    Hey Sander,
    yes Dynomite D and I are working on a second Slew album… this time using bass and drum parts that we cut onto records by Chris and Myles. We will keep you posted in the coming months as to how it’s coming along.
    Thank you for listening.
    Gigs in the Netherlands would be fun. So far, the only European show we’ve done was at Sonar in Barcelona.

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  158. dot tilde dot

    hey kk,

    just found your album in the drawer. haven’t listened to it for half a year – and it still moves me.

    thanks again and keep it on!


  159. kidk

    cheers! ah, music… the gift that keeps given’! thanks for listening!

  160. Playlist | Alternative Music Blog

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