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Your Mom's Favorite DJ [CD]

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You Mom's Favorite DJ - CD

Year: 2006

“I was never able to sing, I was never able to write songs. But I always got a kick out of piecing together stories with bits of records.”

Track list
1. Start Heeeeears Koala
2. Stoppin Traffic
3. Tracks Etc.
4. Slew Test 1
5. Lunch With Pavlov
6. Robo-Cookie Factory
7. Things'll Be Good Again
8. Dinner At 1:00 AM
9. Party At Eric's
10. Slew Test 2
11. Gimme A K!
12. Mosquito vs. Waterbuffalo
13. Slew Test 3
14. Paper Route Days
15. Nufonia Noise Consultation Committee
16. The Denouement
17. Bonus Cricket

USD $14.00

Your Mom's Favorite DJ

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