Nov 10, 2016


Denver, CO, USA

10-10:45 pm Kid koala

11pm-12:30am Mangchi

5 Responses

  1. Dave

    Welcome back to Denver! Youre world class, I really look forward to this show!

  2. willy tarango

    I can’t find tickets to the Denver show at 3 Kings Tavern and want to go super bad. Any advice on getting a couple tickets? You’re not on their website and I can’t find a link.

  3. kidk

    Hi, I’m just jumping on that tour as an opening act. All ticket links should be on the mangchi site!

  4. Patrick

    Venue / link confused me too. I think it is actually taking place at Lost Lake Lounge. The Mangchi site link was broken; here is one that works right now:

    Super excited for the show!

  5. kidk

    hi Patrick! yes thank you! it’s been changed! and have fun at the gig!

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