Feb 24, 2013

Cactus Club Maz

Brugge, Belgium

Tickets: buy

KID KOALA presents
To celebrate the release of his new album ’12 bit Blues’

And introducing kid k’s very special guests:

a one-of-a-kind spectacle featuring…

PUPPETS!: Be amazed by the brand new state-of-the-art robotic back up singer puppets!

DANCING GIRLS!: Be mesmerized by the sultry fan dances of kid koala’s dancing girls!

MUSIC!: Hear kid koala classics as well as new tracks from the 12 bit Blues being performed live by kid koala on 2 x SP1200s and 3 x turntables!

ROBOTS!: See the almost life size articulated Nufonia Must Fall and Space Cadet robots dance to the beat!

GIANT CARDBOARD TURNTABLE!: Watch the crew assemble a giant cardboard working gramophone on stage right before your very eyes!

in town for one night only! not to be missed!

And very special guests: ADIRA AMRAM AND THE EXPERIENCE (NYC) Doing a hilarious high energy 20 minute musical comedy workout to warm things up!

8 Responses

  1. LôôL

    Megatron, my friends and I we will be there! I didn’t expect to get the possibility to see this show again! Thanks a lot!!!

  2. kidk

    yes! we’ve added a few new things to the show as well! gonna be rad! see you soon.

  3. Mike

    Yeah! Great news, thanx for the info! Got 2 tickets, getting bunch of friends to do the same!
    Have fun during your tour, if you need anything from Holland – let me know! :)

  4. kidk

    see you at the gig! it’s gonna rock!

  5. sabrine

    awsome, last show i saw was space cadet in Ghent last year. loved it, taking a friend along. hope to win/catch something this time ;p greetz san!

  6. kidk

    Sabrine, The Space Cadet shows in Ghent were wonderful evenings. Okay, see you at the gig!

  7. Steven

    Hi Kid,

    I saw your show in Brugge and bought the CD of 12bit.. I’m a fan for a long time. What strikes me a lot in your CD of 12bit is the overall “sweet tube sound”. Is there an affordable way of getting this sound :) (I’m using mostly old organs and analog synth, and drummachine and nord piano.. Some insights in your production process would be nice! (the part which may be known off course 😉 thx a lot

  8. kidk

    Hi Steven,

    I used a lot of old technology on the 12 bit album. SP-1200, roland 101 space echo, maestro echo-plex, tel-ray oil can echos, fairchild germanium spring reverbs, I also made a lot of custom vinyls to scratch with my record cutter and then scratch it back in with shure sc35 needles. they are a warmer sounding needle with a bit of roll off on the high end. We mixed through a VTC tube console. Sometimes we’ll re-amp tracks through old tube amps and then record them back via a ribbon mic. That also adds a lot of “smokiness” to the sound. Sometimes I’ll throw stuff on to tape and record it back. You’d be surprised what hitting tape can do. There are also some emulators out there that can appropriate the sound as well. so try re-amping, hitting tape, and using some old broken machines! I have a studer cassette deck that I’ll sometimes run single tracks to/from. It pulls the sound together very nicely. Good luck!


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