Jul 19, 2014

Deltron 3030 @ CELEBRATE BROOKLYN! Prospect Park Bandshell. Deltron 3030 plus orchestra!

Brooklyn Prospect Park, NY, USA

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  1. fluid dee

    Funky fresh

  2. Susannah Lavallee

    So, my husband was at your Toronto concert last night at the TIFF building. He loves loves loves your work. And, his birthday is July 19, which I notice you have a concert in New York that day. Just trying to figure out the logistics of trying our best to get there to surprise him. So a couple of questions…. how do we buy tickets? If we managed to get to New York City, how far is this concert location from there?
    It is his 40th and I think it would be such a huge surprise for such an awesome, hard working husband and daddy!
    He has seen you perform many times over the years here in Toronto, this surprise ( if I could pull it off) would be just awesome for him.
    All the best and thanks!!

  3. kidk

    Hi Susannah,

    We are playing at the Celebrate Brooklyn Festival in Prospect Park. I’m not sure if there are tickets or if it’s a free event. Best to check the Celebrate Brooklyn website. I’m playing as part of Deltron 3030. We will be accompanied by a string section, horns, and choir. It should be quite a special evening!


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