Jun 11, 2012

Deltron 3030 @ Luminato Festival

Toronto, ON, CANADA

9:00 pm at THE HUB

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  1. Don Kenney

    Sooo….I consider myself pretty decent at web navigation, but I’m having a very difficult time figuring out how to get tickets to this show (which I obviously, must attend!). It sounds like it might be a free show…but I can’t tell if it means “free for all” and whoever shows up, is in…or if there is some kind of process to being included with “The Free”, which will be a limited amount of “Freebies”. I thought there might be some more info here but it just has this box to fill in with my name/email and website…so I’m just babbling. Hope to find some direction…any help would be greatly appreciated! I’m coming up from Buffalo, NY by the way.

    Thanks! ?

  2. kidk

    Hey Don,

    Good questions! I actually don’t know any further details right now about the venue for that gig. When the tour manager gets me that info I will post an update with more specifics. Stay tuned!


  3. btcovert

    Eric confirmed last night that it will indeed be a free show!!! Space Cadet Headphone show was the most fun I’ve had doing anything in a long time!

  4. kidk

    Hey bt,

    Cool! Glad you had fun at the space cadet gig. It was a such a fun party, in that kick back and relax kind of way.

    see you at the DELTRON event ii world premiere!


  5. Isabell

    “… would you pls double check and let us know which is the correct date for Deltron 3030?”


  6. kidk

    Hi Isabell,
    Yes, the Deltron 3030 show at Luminato Festival will be Monday, June 11 2012. Sorry for any confusion on the date. See you there!

  7. Isabell

    Hi, E,

    Tks for your reply. And what’s time the show will start? 🙂

    Isabell ^,^

  8. kidk

    Hi Isabell,
    I’m not sure when the gig starts. I know that there are other acts on the bill. Best to check the Luminato website to be sure!

  9. Fidel

    Just checked and the Luminato schedule says that the Deltron show starts at 9pm

  10. peter

    since its in a park i’m just going to show up early with some bocce balls, feel free to join

  11. GDez

    That was a sick show last night, one well worth getting soaked for (it rained hard for a good 30 min)! The fact that you brought an orchestra blew me away. BIG UPS and please come back to Toronto anytime.

  12. kidk

    Cheers! we had a great time at the premier despite the weather. I was amazed the crowd stayed and rocked with us through those torrential downpours. I think I extracted at least 4 litres of rainwater out of my turntable cases that night! crazy!

  13. Ganzow

    Much respect for what you do. I’ve been itching to get myself DELTRON EVENT II ————from Mongolia.

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