Dec 13, 2012

Space Cadet Headphone Concert @ National Music Centre – 7:30PM **SOLD OUT**

Calgary, AB, Canada

134 11th Ave SW

$20 advance
$25 door

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with support from Money Mark

The National Music Centre (NMC) and Astral Radio are thrilled to finish off the year with the sixth installment of the NMC Astral Radio Artist-in-Residence program with Montreal’s Kid Koala. Working together with critically acclaimed producer and musician Money Mark, they will be spending time exploring and recording with the NMC collection.

To kick off the residency, Kid Koala will perform his highly praised and much anticipated Space Cadet Headphone immersive concert experience. As the audience sits in inflatable space pods, listening through individual headphone systems, Kid Koala brings the Space Cadet score to life on a piano and several turntables, providing a live score to animation based on scenes from the book. Part music, part storytelling, the show is suitable for all ages.

Calgary audiences have an opportunity to take in the Space Cadet Headphone Experience on Thursday, December 13, 2012 with their choice of an early or late show. Money Mark will entertain audiences with an opening set.

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