Jun 19, 2015


Toronto, ON, Canada

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  1. sinara rozo

    Hola Kid Koala,

    I am one of your biggest fans and saw your performance last year here in Toronto!
    I wanted to take my kids today Friday but the Festival is not responding/replying about age requirements. Also apparently is a sold out how 🙁
    Is there any chance I can get my boys (11 and 12) in some kind of guest list? I am a cultural worker (latin film fest.) and was hoping to introduce my boys you your live performances as we already have your book.


    Sinara Rozo

  2. kidk

    Hi Sinara,
    yes the shows were open to all ages but very limited capacity so they sold out before the day of the show. No worries… this was just our first time experimenting with this show format. We will eventually develop it and bring it on a full tour. Thanks for your interest!

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