20″ x 20″ MYSTERY CREATURE PAINTING Original Artwork Commission


In the olden days I guess they would call it a “commissioned” painting.

As a DJ, I wouldn’t normally take requests unless it was at one of the two weddings I’ve DJ’ed for friends and you were the bride or groom.

But as a painter, I’m open to having some of your input on the process. I put “commissioned” in quotes because traditionally painters would be commissioned to paint say, a realistic portrait of the commissioner.  But since I don’t know how to paint portraits of humans, the subject/character of the painting will be an imaginary creature. However, You will get to choose one of the colors that will appear in the painting as a background. This option is offered in case you want to harmonize the background color of the painting with the color of your room. I hear that’s a thing.


Here is the info:

You get to pick one of the colors that will appear on the painting (as the predominant background color).

It will be a portrait of a creature from my imagination.

This creature will have at least one set of eyes.

Tentacles, scales, horns, claws, talons, exoskeletons are all possibilities but not a given.

It will be painted while listening to vocal jazz recordings at moderate levels.


Target demographic:

People with wall space who want to add a full color image of something with eyes.


Painting lead time is 1 month.  Unless we are on tour, in which case it will be longer depending on the tour schedule.  We will notify you of the expected delivery date.


painted by Kid Koala

Acrylic & Gouache and plastic eyes on Canvas*




$ 5,000.00 CAD

We will contact you with delivery details!

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