You pull the car off the road and walk into a local diner. You take a seat at the counter. You hear the muted din of plates and cutlery being washed in the kitchen. A few regulars are sitting at various booths around the room. They seem like they’ve been there for months. The smell of burnt coffee hangs in the air. You notice there is a tiny flicker in one of the fluorescent lights hung from the ceiling.

A couple in their late sixties are finishing their meals at the booth next to you. They are not speaking but they seem… content. She’s finishing her toast. He’s stirring some sugar into his coffee.

Five seats away to your right at the counter sits a man. Tweed jacket, mid to late seventies. He’s grumbling to himself as he rifles through his wallet. Where is this?  Or perhaps the better question…

When is this?

There’s a jukebox in the corner. For a second you feel like it is playing music you’ve never heard before. Or perhaps… it’s something that sounds distantly familiar. And yet, the music, with it’s odd asymmetric layers seems…. intriguing… maybe even at some points… comforting.

This place is bizarre.

You’re hungry so you look at the menu…

It’s been a long journey to get here. So you appreciate this moment of respite.

There’s a small metallic box mounted at the edge of the counter in front of you… a bunch of song titles that don’t ring any particular bells. Below it a row of lettered and numbered buttons. You realize it’s the programmer for the jukebox in the corner. For a quarter you can select 3 songs for it to play.

But alas, the jukebox is already playing. As it has been for the last several minutes. One by one, the needle burns through the sequential selections from the regulars who were dining there before you.

You reach for your headphones but then something stops you. For the next little while…  You feel an odd sense of relief.  An exhale. The tension in your neck loosens. As you decide to just listen…

You check your watch. It’s 3:25 am. Tomorrow is another day on the road. How did you end up here? You were on this path because you thought you would be able to choose your own adventure. And so you order your food… but decide to just let your audio environment exist as it is… come what may.


In a world of a million musical choices, isn’t it nice to not have to make one every now and then? If you order the Kid Koala MYSTERY VINYL, you will receive a 2LP vinyl album lovingly recorded by Kid Koala. This will be an official release of a Kid Koala or Kid Koala affiliated project. Perhaps it’s something you’ve never heard before. Perhaps it’s something with a font too small to read that you missed it when flipping through the racks at your favorite record store. Perhaps you never found it because it was racked under the wrong section at the record store. Perhaps it’s a record you already own. In which case, you could gift it to a friend with similar, impeccable taste. Or perhaps it’s the record you were meant to own and hear but hadn’t had the time to cross paths with it until today.

You stop to consider all the variables and possible outcomes. But soon realize…

There’s only one way to find out…

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