It almost brings a tear to my eye.

Montreal, you are beautiful.

check out a video clip of highlights from the SPACE CADET HEADPHONE CONCERTS at the BIOSPHERE this summer.

We’ve just confirmed shows for London, Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam and are continually looking for presenters/venues where this show could work. If you have any ideas for venues in YOUR city… please post them at the following link: here.


3 Responses

  1. Darren

    Wish I had been there it looks amazing very jealous xxxx

  2. Narelle

    Can you please come to Sydney and do a concert like this. It looks so amazing. My whole family would love this.

  3. Jan Betz

    Dear Eric (aka Kid Koala),

    So glad you gave a second concert in Hamburg. I am still amazed, happy and full of joy.
    And please come back very very soon. So I can bring my son to see your show. I wished so much yesterday that I had known earlier.
    I would actually bring my whole family even my mum. One of the many aspects that make it so special. It works for all ages and genders. You can adjust volume to your liking and sound quality is very good… So many things to say. Thank You.

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