Basin Street Blues


This is the video for “Basin Street Blues” from the Some Of My Best Friends are DJs album.  It was done by the animator Monkmus.  During the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome tour, I called him up and told him I was going to start the next album with a turntable version of Basin Street Blues.  Monkmus, who also has a penchant for New Orleans Jazz,  immediately signed on to do the video. On two separate tours I was instructed to walk around the French Quarter of N.O. and take a bunch of reference photos of balconies and street lamps etc.   I then sent him the track, 2 rolls-worth of reference photos, and some gum, and a year and a half later… this video was done.  I don’t know where the inflatable alligator comes from.  he so crazy.  Anyhow… It’s a beautifully done video… enjoy.