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HELP!! I need suggestions for venues for SPACE CADET headphone concert in YOUR town!

please watch this trailer from our first Space Cadet show: let me know of any buildings, spaces, venues, rooms, galleries in your town/city where you think this would work! We are bringing headphone amplifiers and inflatable space pods for everyone and it is an all ages show… so this does not need to be your typical music venue with PA system or bar or anything. For example, in Montreal, we are planning to set up this event at the BIOSPHERE. Have a think, and please advise in the comments section below on this page. Cheers! e

Space Cadet: 7 years later... Ninja Tune XX... Scott Pilgrim.

just finished the last page of the Space Cadet book. phew… here’s a pic of some of the originals on the studio floor. Now I just have to scan everything and finish the music. In other news… I’ve recorded a track for the Ninja Tune 20th Anniversary compilation… As well as doing some cuts for the upcoming score for Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. coolio.

Nufonia Must Fall live action series... pics from Day 1 and 2 of shooting

We just finished DAY 1 and DAY 2 of shooting for the Nufonia live action series… much fun was had… haven’t laughed this hard in ages… Here are some stills from the rushes.  enjoy.   Director Lori Chodos and Robot (Paul Labonte) at the sandwich shop. Nufonia Must Fall reference page, 25. Robot/sandwich artist. eric’s final blueprints… 6 days, 3 sheets of aluminum and 8 rolls of duct tape later… + baby. scene from the park. at the lake.

Pictures from the first "Music to Draw to... " event in Montreal

So it’s one day after our first Music to Draw to… event in Montreal.  It was such a wonderful night for all of us here at kid koala HQ.  I was so proud of them Montreal kids.  Absolutely everyone brought something to work on… and they pretty much got right to it once they got in.  So many creative people, such focus, it was completely inspiring to see.    Here are some pics from the evening…   Rockin’ out… (in that quiet creative time kind of way).   Cori’s bake shop was a hit.  There was only one cupcake left at the end of the night.  She’s already scheming up some new recipes for next week.   … everybody just hanging out, doing their thing…   such skills… Yarn and charcoal, classic sketchbooks to z-brush.  I am so in love with this town.   Krista, sometimes known as Lederhosen Lucil, serving up the hot chocolate.   I must also take this oppurtunity to thank Eric Amber and the crew at Theatre Ste. Catherine for letting us use their wonderful venue for these events.  That room has so much cozy mojo.  I wonder why I don’t play there all the time.…

Space Cadet... onwards...

page 35 pencil. page 36 etch board. robot buys cereal.

Mosquito love songs... for real.

This month I have also been working on the soundtrack to the Mosquito Book. I stumbled upon this article about our favorite parasite. woah. I had no idea… There will be a quiz about it at the next gig.

Recording Space Cadet

in the studio this month… recording the quiet soundtrack to Space Cadet… baby says: practicing is boring. Nobody puts baby in a snowsuit.

Cutting Records... for real

For some reason or other, I’ve recently decided to pursue an education in the almost extinct craft of cutting vinyl. I found a record cutting machine at and phoned the company. The designer of the vinylrecorder, Mr. Ulrich Sourisseau, politely told me, “I cannot sell you this machine unless you come to Germany for training.” “Oh.” Fast forward 4 months… it turned out I had 3 days off between gigs on my last tour in Europe so I made arrangements to visit vinylrecorder HQ which is somewhere in the middle of the German countryside. Mr. Sourisseau has been cutting vinyl records for over 40 years. The vinylrecorder is his life’s work. The machine looks simple enough but is in fact quite a complicated beast… and I don’t know how he could have possibly explained how to use this thing over the phone. So… yes… the training session is recommended. here is a pic of the cutting head. this is Mr. Sourisseau looking through the microscope to make sure the grooves are good. Mr. Sourisseau and his vinylrecorder. Some pages from a notebook that I filled with record cutting jargon during my 18 hour crash course in vinyl cutting. I…

Space Cadet

Here are some scratch boards from the forthcoming Space Cadet book+soundtrack.  This is the quiet album that I have promised many of you.  Timing-wise it’s working out as we are heading into winter here in Montreal.  And once that snow hits… you scratch all tear-jerky like… it’s kind of inescapable.  The book is about 120 pages long.  The soundtrack album will be recorded over the next few months.  We have a special tour planned for it’s release but I’ll keep you posted as it all comes together.  

Mosquito Book work in progress

Here are some test pics from Chapter 1 of the forthcoming book about the clarinet-playing mosquito.  I finished the storyboards a few months after Nufonia Must Fall was released.  Louisa Schabas and I had so much fun working on that book that we decided to start another project together.  I showed her the storyboards and went on tour.  When I got back she had made me a gift and wrapped it in a 1’x1′ box.  It was a model replica of the mosquito’s bedroom from Chapter 1.  At that point we decided to shoot each panel of the book by way of photographs of miniature 3D models.  That was almost 4 years ago.   Since then Louisa Schabas and Corinne Merrell (Set designer extraordinaire and head mistress of wackness control)  have been busy building the sets for each of the scenes.  In between tours I sculpt as many mosquitoes, cinnamon rolls, and corn kernels,  as my fingers will allow.  It’s been quite the steep learning curve, lots of clays and paints drying up under the lights but we’re getting there.  We are still only about a third of the way into the project.   I will keep you posted as…