Live Shows

The Storyville Mosquito <span>A Theatrical Cinema Experience</span>

The Storyville Mosquito A Theatrical Cinema Experience

Kid Koala's latest live production. Performed, filmed, projected and scored on stage at each performance.
Satellite Turntable Orchestra <span>Interactive Ambient Vinyl Concert</span>

Satellite Turntable Orchestra Interactive Ambient Vinyl Concert

Create music with Kid Koala as part of this 50 turntable ambient vinyl orchestra!
Kid Koala x Lealani

Kid Koala x Lealani

Hybrid Party set! Half DJ set, Half turntable, guitar, drum machine mayhem! Kid Koala x Lealani. me on turntables. she on vocals, guitar and mpc. This Will ROCK.
Nufonia Must Fall: Live <span>A Theatrical Cinema Experience</span>

Nufonia Must Fall: Live A Theatrical Cinema Experience

A team of 15 people including puppeteers, musicians, cinematographers and technicians work together on stage to create this “live animated graphic novel.”
Vinyl Vaudeville <span> The Silliest Show On Earth (On Turntables)</span>

Vinyl Vaudeville The Silliest Show On Earth (On Turntables)

Dancing penguins! 9 foot ogre! 20 foot spider! A jump up, high energy uptempo instant party set featuring Kid Koala and an amazing troupe of dancers and puppeteers!
Kid Koala DJ Set <span>3 Turntables and a Stack of Wax</span>

Kid Koala DJ Set 3 Turntables and a Stack of Wax

Kid Koala’s solo DJ set features 1 Koala, 3 turntables, and actual stacks of records that he manipulates in his signature style of cutting, scratching, and layering.
Robot Dance Party <span>D.I.Y. Robo-Jam <span>

Robot Dance Party D.I.Y. Robo-Jam

Make your robot suit. Get robot-y on the dance floor!
66 Wheels Bike Tour <span>A Turntable Tour of Your  City</span>

66 Wheels Bike Tour A Turntable Tour of Your City

A musical storytelling adventure on wheels. In this gastronomic whirlwind tour, Kid Koala leads a pack of cyclists around town to some of his favorite local hangouts.
Space Cadet Headphone Concert <span>A Unique, Immersive Experience on Headphones</span>

Space Cadet Headphone Concert A Unique, Immersive Experience on Headphones

1 piano, 6 space pods, 7 turntables, 250 sets of headphones. Journey with Kid Koala into the world of Space Cadet.
Music to Draw to Event <span>An Evening of Quiet Time Records</span>

Music to Draw to Event An Evening of Quiet Time Records

Kid Koala hosts a "quiet time" event, playing 4 hours of his favorite music to work, draw, code, knit, or sculpt to. Bring your creative projects.
World of Bugs

World of Bugs

Create a mockumentary multi-media performance with Kid Koala.

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