Pictures from the first "Music to Draw to... " event in Montreal

So it’s one day after our first Music to Draw to… event in Montreal.  It was such a wonderful night for all of us here at kid koala HQ.  I was so proud of them Montreal kids.  Absolutely everyone brought something to work on… and they pretty much got right to it once they got in.  So many creative people, such focus, it was completely inspiring to see.    Here are some pics from the evening…   Rockin’ out… (in that quiet creative time kind of way).   Cori’s bake shop was a hit.  There was only one cupcake left at the end of the night.  She’s already scheming up some new recipes for next week.   … everybody just hanging out, doing their thing…   such skills… Yarn and charcoal, classic sketchbooks to z-brush.  I am so in love with this town.   Krista, sometimes known as Lederhosen Lucil, serving up the hot chocolate.   I must also take this oppurtunity to thank Eric Amber and the crew at Theatre Ste. Catherine for letting us use their wonderful venue for these events.  That room has so much cozy mojo.  I wonder why I don’t play there all the time.…