Fender Bender

This is the video to Fender Bender off the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Album.  It was also animated by Monkmus.  My mom taped the MTV world premiere of it in all of it’s 1 minute, 50 second glory.  After it aired, she immediately called me on the phone.  the conversation went something like: “hello?” “son.” “hi mom.” “That video is strange.  That thing that crawls out of the man’s back is a koala, no?” “I guess so… you should ask [Monkmus]… um, but sure, yeah… it’s a koala.” “Oh… okay, I get it then.” [flash]   Oddly enough, because the video was so short it actually got a reasonable amount of airplay.  The different video networks would program it at the end of shows as a bumper before a commercial or an emergency time filler.  So it would get programmed at the end of cooking shows as well as at the end of hair-metal hour.  Now all of these Chefs and Headbangers turn up at my gigs.  cool.

Performing Moon River in Mexico City


Kid Koala's Montréal : Presented by XLR8R TV

take a little tour of my hometown with XLR8R magazine and yours truly. [flash]