The Mosquito Book [working title] follows the adventures of a jazz-playing insect, telling his story through full-color photographs of an elaborate cityscape set constructed in miniature by Corinne Merrell and Louisa Schabas. Already years in the making, the incredibly detailed and stunning images will see the light of day in book form at some point in the not-too-distant future.


Check out a video clip of highlights from the SPACE CADET HEADPHONE CONCERTS at the BIOSPHERE in Montreal.

VIDEO: Floor Kids

Here’s a clip done by my animator friend Jonathan Ng. This is the first installment of a mini series of animated b-boy battles we are working on. You should also try to find Jonathan’s “Asthma Tech” short film that he made for the National Film Board of Canada. It rocks. Floor Kids part 2 and 3 are on their way. We will keep you posted.

VIDEO: Jaime Lo, small and shy

Kid Koala played turntables on Luigi Allemano’s score for the NFB film “Jaime Lo, Small and Shy” by Lillian Chan.

BOOK+SOUNDTRACK: Some Of My Best Friends Are DJs

This ensemble cast comic includes stories such as "5-Eyed Ogre vs. Gramaphone," and "Skid Tries to Find a Lighter," leading up to the moral nail-biter "5 Angry Dudes Learn About Birdseed."

VIDEO: Basin Street Blues

This is the video for “Basin Street Blues” from the Some Of My Best Friends are DJs album. It was done by the animator Monkmus.

BOOK+SOUNDTRACK: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The Carpal Tunnel Syndrome comic book introduces the Skid character, SP-1200 trained ninjas, as well as the Gramaphone character, Skid’s nemesis Negatron*, and the amazing breakfast cereal Disco Flakes.

VIDEO: Fender Bender

This is the video to Fender Bender off the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Album. It was also animated by Monkmus. My mom taped the MTV world premiere of it in all of it’s 1 minute, 50 second glory. After it aired, she immediately called me on the phone.