Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (Vinyl 2LP)

Kid Koala’s debut full-length album. An itchy vinyl odyssey through Kid Koala’s crates completely hand cut and layered on turntables featuring imaginary traffic altercations, record fair wrestling matches, inebriated horn solos, and beats made out of chickens. Feel the catharsis in Kid Koala’s autobiographical bout with stage fright in A Night at The Nufonia. Sway with the off-kilter robo-groove in Roboshuffle. Take a nap during Naptime. This bizarre album is sure to delight and confuse you and your loved was for years to come!

Winner of the Polaris Heritage Prize in 2020.

and continues to be as weird as it ever was…

A1) Strut Hear
A2) Nerdball
A3) Fender Bender
A4) Drunk Trumpet
B1) Roboshuffle
B2) Barhopper 1
B3) Music For Morning People
B4) Naptime
C1) A Night At The Nufonia
C2) Temple Of Gloom
D1) Scurvy
D2) Like Irregular Chickens
D3) Barhopper 2
D4) Roll Credits

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