Creatures of the Late Afternoon (Vinyl 2LP + Board game!)

Kid Koala’s latest album! 20 new tracks + Board Game + 8 bonus board game tracks + game pieces, dice and 150 game cards!

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20 original Kid Koala tracks!
plus 8x board game tracks!
Gatefold album cover doubles as a board game!

includes inserts with game pieces, dice and 150 (!) game cards including creature character cards, music genre cards, recording equipment cards, and studio time cards, all of which feature new artwork by Kid Koala!

2LP Tracklist

1. Hear Now
2. 1000 Towns (feat. Coelacanth)
3. The Frequencies
4. Robohotel 1
5. Things Are Gonna Change (feat. Lealani)
6. Dusk
7. P@$SwErdd!#?
8. When U Say Love (feat. Crayfish)
9. Highs, Lows & Highways
10. Decades
11. Get Level (feat. Hammerhead)
12. Hyperion Station
13. Let’s Go!
14. Jump & Shuffle (live at the Hardware Store)
15. Once Upon a Time in the Northeast
16. The Cards (feat. Manta Ray)
17. Robohotel 2
18. Renaissance of Reconnaissance
19. Rise of the Tardigrades
20. Til We Meet Again (live at the Natural History Museum)

*2LP Vinyl version includes 8x bonus tracks for
use with the Creatures board game:

1. Dig Time Yellow
2. Staring Contest Yellow
3. Dig Time Magenta
4. Staring Contest Magenta
5. Dig Time Orange
6. Staring Contest Orange
7. Dig Time Blue
8. Staring Contest Blue

About the board game

2-4 players. Ages 8+ Fun for the whole family!

Tour around the game board and create your very own creature bands! Hunt through flea markets to find instruments and recording equipment! Write and record heartfelt songs in multiple genres! Climb the charts and gain enough clout to save the Natural History Museum!

Board game and creature card images painted by Kid Koala.  Layout and design by Corinne Merrell.


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