Ah, where it all began. Scratchcratchratchatch, a 30-minute cassette recorded in 1995, introduced the world to Kid Koala's signature silly turntable experiments. It was recorded on a 4-track analog cassette recorder in the summertime.

An early version of this mixtape was accidentally overheard by Coldcut and DJ Food in a van during their first tour of North America in the 1990s. A few months later it landed Kid Koala a recording contract with their London UK based label: Ninja Tune.

Track List

Left Side
A1. Start Hear
A2. Emperors Crash Course In Cantonese
A3. Tubanjo
A4. The Prank Call
A5. Dinner With Yoda
A6. Statics Waltz (Lo-Fi Version)
A7. Tricks N’ Treats
A8. Made From Björk

Right Side
B1. Made From Scratch
B2. Capone’s Theme Park
B3. Fashion Lesson
B4. Medieval Retrowax
B5. Jhaptal
B6. Taboo Soda
B7. Almost Easy Listening
B8. The Mushroom Factory
B9. Thank You, Good Night, Drive Safely