We just finished DAY 1 and DAY 2 of shooting for the Nufonia live action series…

much fun was had… haven’t laughed this hard in ages… Here are some stills from the rushes.  enjoy.


Director Lori Chodos and Robot (Paul Labonte) at the sandwich shop.

Nufonia Must Fall reference page, 25.

Robot/sandwich artist.

eric’s final blueprints…

6 days, 3 sheets of aluminum and 8 rolls of duct tape later… + baby.

scene from the park.

at the lake.

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  1. julien

    Looking great. I’m really looking forward to enjoying the final “product”. Is there any hope for us non-canadians?

  2. Calvin McCaskill (NOTPORN PRODUCTIONS)

    Beautiful! I love your work, son!

  3. cheeba

    I cant explain how excited i am by this. Looks so good, just wish i could get myself over the big pond to make it as an extra


  4. Lateef Martin

    Can’t wait so see the finito!

  5. kidk


    Lori is back in Toronto on another project right now but she says we may have a rough cut by the end of the month. The plan is to eventually release it on the companion disc of the 2nd edition of Nufonia Must Fall (the pocket sized one). Otherwise, maybe we can show it on Canadian public access television or some robo rom com film festival if one exists. who knows but we will keep you posted.


  6. jan

    funny robo! great drawings, great music! thx for the freeload!

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  9. Rdrox

    This looks grate !!!!!!
    We need the slew en Mexico city

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