So it’s one day after our first Music to Draw to… event in Montreal.  It was such a wonderful night for all of us here at kid koala HQ.  I was so proud of them Montreal kids.  Absolutely everyone brought something to work on… and they pretty much got right to it once they got in.  So many creative people, such focus, it was completely inspiring to see.    Here are some pics from the evening…


Rockin’ out… (in that quiet creative time kind of way).


Cori’s bake shop was a hit.  There was only one cupcake left at the end of the night.  She’s already scheming up some new recipes for next week.


… everybody just hanging out, doing their thing…


such skills… Yarn and charcoal, classic sketchbooks to z-brush.  I am so in love with this town.


Krista, sometimes known as Lederhosen Lucil, serving up the hot chocolate.


I must also take this oppurtunity to thank Eric Amber and the crew at Theatre Ste. Catherine for letting us use their wonderful venue for these events.  That room has so much cozy mojo.  I wonder why I don’t play there all the time.  And also a big high five to Mr. Rupert Bottenberg, an extremely talented illustrator and comic artist in his own right, for putting together that piece in the Mirror Weekly.  Everyone in attendance knew exactly what they were getting in to… thanks Rupert!  If you’re in another town and missed the piece, you can check it out here…


And of course, thank you to everyone who showed up and brought something to work on.  You really made the night.  It went better than I could have ever imagined.  

Very much looking forward to next weeks’ installment.  Which reminds me, I gotta start digging up some wax for another 5 hour set… yikes.  Hope to see you Monday. 



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  1. Sully

    Hey – next time, if people are into it, maybe you can take some pics of the things people were working on? I was so curious, looking at your pictures. I wanted to peer closer, but it’s only pixels.

    But otherwise – thanks for holding such a nice low-key event.

  2. Cori

    Hi Sully,
    Yes, we are trying to figure out some way for people to post pics of their work if they want to. Maybe a facebook group or something. Scott is at the office trying to put that together as we speak. We will keep you posted with links and instructions.

  3. Aimée

    Drink & Draw Montreal withheld our March event and just invited people to check out the Music to Draw to because it sounded to great, and it really was. What a wonderful-and productive-night! If people are interested in hearing about future drawing events email with “D&D” in the subject, or visit our blog.

  4. atomier

    I really enjoyed this. I’ll see you all next week.


  5. Kate

    This is such a phenomenal idea, I have so much appreciation for your efforts and can see that everyone involved feels the same way.


  6. iWoo

    Fantastic idea for an event… I had a blast, and it provided the perfect setting and the motivation to start drawing again. I’m nowhere near as talented as a lot of people that attended, but it was great just to see the variety of things people were doing. From illustration to crochet and homework too. The baked goodies and hot chocolate… icing on the cake! I hope to attend next Monday too, and fill a few more sketchbook pages.

    p.s. I have a handful of photos from the 9th. What address can I email them to?

  7. Vivien

    Some pictures i made from the first “music to draw to…”
    It was great.
    Merci Eric.

  8. kidk

    hi Vivien,

    wow! Those pics are wonderful… They really captured the mood in the room that evening. Thank you for sharing them with us.



  9. kidk

    hi iWoo,

    Scott at the office tells me you can send photos from the event to his email at

    Very much looking forward to seeing them!


  10. Kim

    Nice to see your photos Vivien, thanks for sharing. So interesting to see the event from all those different perspectives. Lovely!

  11. Noah

    What a great idea! What a great time! Just wanted to say thanks for putting this together.

  12. venkman

    This is such a great idea, and all the pictures people are sharing make it look quite wonderful. I’d love to put somehting like this on, but it wouldn’t be the same without kidk sitting there peacefully playing the turntables. dope!! i’d love to help bring this show to the UK – bring Lederhosen Lucil to serve up the hottness. ^_^

  13. kidk

    Hey Venkman,

    Oddly enough, we were just in touch with somebody in London about bringing this event there later in the year. Perhaps in the autumn… we will keep you posted!


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