please watch this trailer from our first Space Cadet show:

let me know of any buildings, spaces, venues, rooms, galleries in your town/city where you think this would work! We are bringing headphone amplifiers and inflatable space pods for everyone and it is an all ages show… so this does not need to be your typical music venue with PA system or bar or anything.

For example, in Montreal, we are planning to set up this event at the BIOSPHERE.

Have a think, and please advise in the comments section below on this page.


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  1. David

    Belfast,titanic drawing offices,fuck yeah

  2. Sarah

    The DIA in Detroit!

  3. David

    Titanic drawing offices ,belfast ,northern ireland

  4. Ber

    In Los Angeles the Bootleg Theatre would make an incredible venue.
    In Santa Cruz the Catalyst would be a cool place

  5. Leo

    Please come to Berlin


  6. Sarah L.

    Check out Robertson Art Space in LA. Very cool with indoor and outdoor space.

  7. Ryan

    Come back to Calgary!!!! National Music Centre!!

  8. Joachim

    When you come back to Groningen, the Netherlands we have a dome theater called the infoversum where shows like this would be perfect

  9. Jeff

    Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario at the KW little theater!!!

  10. lauren

    ucsd has a couple really intimate spaces you could totally srt this up in. the loft was the first to come to mind and then porters pub.

  11. Chapman lee

    for god’s sake , please play do this in Hong Kong

    you may consider Macpherson Stadium, Hong Kong…quite a neat venue for your beautiful event

  12. kidk

    Okay we’ll look into it!

  13. Ian

    There are some excellent audiovisual spaces in the Empac center at RPI in Troy NY.

  14. kidk

    Awesome! Thank you for the info!

  15. Geoff Carter

    That’s easy: The Neon Museum in Las Vegas.

  16. Brendan

    I think from what I saw in the trailer The Observatory in North Park in San Diego, California could do the trick for this concert. Plus, you would automatically get 4 tickets for my friends and family from me by doing that. Haha!

  17. Michael

    I’d love to host your show under the stars in the North Okanagan, BC. After the wildfire smoke clears:)

  18. Richard

    Nashville Tn – Sudekum Planetarium
    This would be an amazing venue!!!

  19. Anthony Furey

    Franklin Institute Philadelphia PA

  20. MrsBagzz

    They have a great Planeterium where they do laser light shows.

  21. MrsBagzz

    Cohabit Science Center in Oakland has a great Planetarium (they also do laser light shows in the space). Yerba Buena Arts Center might be good in SF.

  22. MrsBagzz

    Chabot Science Center in Oakland has a great Planetarium (they also do laser light shows in the space). Yerba Buena Arts Center might be good in SF.

  23. Madison Cario

    Come back to ATL and we will find a place for you somewhere in Midtown / on campus at Georgia Tech.

  24. Andrew Cegielski

    When you come to Milwaukee Check out these spaces for your headphones concert:

    discovery world (on the lakefront)

    Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum (overlooks the lake)

    Boerner Botanical Gardens

    Mitchell Park Conservatory (The Domes)

    milwaukee art museum (after dark series)

    The entire County Zoo!!

  25. uhhhhhhhh

    The Thelma in Fond du lac, WI

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