please watch this trailer from our first Space Cadet show:

let me know of any buildings, spaces, venues, rooms, galleries in your town/city where you think this would work! We are bringing headphone amplifiers and inflatable space pods for everyone and it is an all ages show… so this does not need to be your typical music venue with PA system or bar or anything.

For example, in Montreal, we are planning to set up this event at the BIOSPHERE.

Have a think, and please advise in the comments section below on this page.


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  1. raihan

    in LA… depending on how many people you have around… the courtyard at MOCA would be lovely.

  2. evilchili

    Pittsburgh’s Andy Warhol museum would be *perfect* for this show. Bring the irregular chickens records! :P

  3. kidk

    Cool, We will look in to all of these venues! Thank you for your suggestions. keep them coming!

    OTHER VENUES suggested so far…

    BOSTON, MA Berklee’s Cafe 939, or MFA

    MEXICO CITY, Museo Universitario de Arte Contemporaneo (MUAC)

    NEW YORK CITY, Museum of Natural History. Rose Space Center.

    SEATTLE, EMP Experience Music Project.

    MELBOURNE ACMI, Hisense Arena, Halfpipe Cinema at Melbourne Central

    LONDON, Arts Depot, North Finchley, TATE Modern

    CHICAGO, Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art, Sound Bar

    ATHENS, Technopolis


    these all sound rad to me…. we will investigate.

  4. Patrick HEenan

    how about the North Carolina Museum of Art? They have a really cool outdoor venue ( ) where I’ve seen some awesome puppet shows; don’t know if you are into outdoor shows for Space Cadet, but I can imagine space cadet would be pretty cool under the stars. The venue seats probably right around the number you mentioned, several hundred. They also have some pretty great whirly-gig eye candy dotting the landscape (pictures on that same link up there).

  5. LGW Green

    Check out Edmonton’s brand new Art Gallery of Alberta! Not sure if it’s big enough but could be a sick venue for your show (which looks AWESOME btw). That or maybe the Royal Alberta Museum?

    No matter where, I hope to be able to catch what will surely be an amazing show!

  6. kidk

    Hey Patrick,

    We were thinking of possibilities of outdoor shows. However, this show may be better suited for an indoor space at the museum. It takes quite a while to set up this show, so it may be too difficult to move the pods, headphone amp system in the case of rain. We’ll check to see if NCMA has a covered outdoor area or indoor room that could work.


  7. Patrick

    The Nasher might be worth a shot, too; Also in North Carolina, but indoors. They just finished up an exposition on vinyls, so someone must like wax around there. Sorry for spamming!

    Here is a long list of people that may or may not be helpful

    good luck!

  8. W.

    If you come in europe, BOZAR or the botanique in Brussels would be great!

  9. kelly

    Worcester UK has a great little venue called the Arts Workshop, a little more cosy than your used too, but would love to see you in the UK soon!

  10. Yogi

    If you ever find yourself in the UK come to Brighton. We have several venues but the best are:

    The Brighton Centre
    The Brighton Dome

    You have some amazing ideas, keep it up

    Good Luck from England

  11. Jakub

    Have you ever thought about expanding your work beyond North America? If you are thinking about conquering Europe with your amazing project(s) you should consider visiting Gdańsk, Poland. The famous shipiard has a lot of abandoned industrial spaces witch are now being transformed into exibition spaces. It’s all overlooked by Wyspa Institute of Art (,Home,pid,2.html ), currently organising Alternativa Festival ( ) with cooperation from institutions all around the world. One of the spaces is Building 90B,SecretsandLiesBuilding90B,pid,86,oid,395,cid,84,type,15.html witch in my opinion would be perfect.

  12. jakey

    that would be pretty sweet on a boat in NYC!

  13. Rita

    Come to Lisbon :) We’ve got a perfect place called musicbox!
    It would be soooo great.
    love from Lx

  14. abf

    Mexico City (quite often overlooked) + Boston

  15. quantum

    There are quite a few venues that I’m sure would be delighted to welcome you,such as Bios or Gagarin 205 Live Music Space

    Looking forward to seeing you here :)

  16. Mark Hill

    If you are coming thru Edmonton check out Canada’s largest living museum Fort Edmonton Park,
    outdoors and family friendly. . .

  17. Eric

    Saint Louis, MO:
    Mad Art Gallery
    White Flag Projects
    The Contemporary Art Museum Saint Louis
    The Luminary

    I’d be happy to get you in direct contact with the right people at any of these spots if it helps get the ball rolling.

  18. W1r3d

    You should definately play @ kulturhuset in Stockholm, Sweden.

  19. Brasco

    Buffalo, NY

    The Soundlab
    Pearl Street (this is a strange spot but upstairs would work…if its nice out, they have an amazing deck/patio that has a summer DJ night)
    Town Ballroom

    You need to stop through here. I’ve been a fan for years and always have to travel to see you. I do and I’ve seen you alone a bunch, with Radiohead, with Handsome Boy Modeling School, Lovage…I’m always there. I always go with a good friend and he sorta can’t go to Canada right now so please don’t ruin his day :) haha. Contact me for more info, I can put you in touch with the right people to book in Buffalo…would Love to have you!

  20. Rita

    Forget what I said before, I though it was a “normal” gig.
    Here in Portugal you have ZDB in Lisbon –
    Check it out!

  21. Dave

    Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (YBCA) in San Francisco could be a fit.

  22. Frank Walls

    Amazing Things Art Center in Framingham, MA 20mins from Boston!!!
    Ask for Michael Moran, tell him Frank Walls sent you.

  23. tik

    The Bakery, Perth, Australia

  24. shya

    If you come to germany, Darmstadt_603qm:(
    Heidelberg, Karlstorbahnhof ( I saw you twice there :)
    Heidelberg, Halle02

    I would love to see that.
    greetz from Germany.

  25. iNbluE

    L’Usine (Zoo) – Geneva, Switzerland. Would be lovely…
    All the best.

  26. Erik

    Brilliant! Inspiring! Magical!

    I can’t wait to experience Space Cadet, so I hope you can bring it to Vancouver. This is exactly what music and art should be; a collaborative and hands-on experience! Imagine the creativity that can be released in people, especially children and the child in all of us!

    You probably know as well as I do about spaces here in Vancouver. The Planetarium/Space Centre is a logical choice, but I don’t think they have an open hall with enough room. Contact John Tanner for ideas. He’s worked there for decades (he did the original Laser Shows), plus is a local radio DJ of legend.

    The Storyeum in Gastown has been closed for a few years and is sitting empty. A 70,000 square-foot basement in a prime location! I wonder what condition it is in, and if it is useable?

    **I just did a search and found that the location is being run by a W2: Community Media Arts . I have my fingers crossed!

    One of those tents they use at Vanier Park for Bard on the Beach and the Childrens’ Festival would be cool. Outside, but protected from the elements.

    Good luck!!! Erik.

  27. emeseleven

    Please come back to Philadelphia!
    you could try the Franklin Institute, the Philadelphia Art Museum, World Live Cafe, or the Rotunda!

  28. james

    oh, Cardiff, Wales UK. The Coal Exchange is a lovely venue, where as the Globe is a small converted cinema. Other smaller places are The Cardiff Arts Institute which has a Silent (headphone) disco. All good. You should come to Cardiff, its a nice place, last time I caught you live it was in Reading on the Short Attention Span Tour.. I was sad there was no bingo… I was happy there was lots of music!

  29. C Wood


  30. ed

    yep! hello!
    in Dijon, burgundy, France, there is a headphone concert!
    it’s will nice to have you in live!
    have a good day

  31. MikeR

    Atlanta GA- this one might be too big, but they have multiple rooms you could hang art in, they also have a downstairs room that might be more suitable. i don’t know if Woodruff has any rooms w/o fixed seats, but worth looking into.

    just some ideas…
    you need to bring this to Atlanta! but i will road trip if i have to, done it before. =]

  32. ed

    in a bus, subway, a slaughterhouse at home (I’ve got fresh beer ^ ^), an underwear store, college or high school, a 4 star restaurant, a public botanical garden, a train station, a factory, a hospital for children or not, an employment agency, public toilets, a Conert black metal, a church …

  33. Krazista

    Folk Festival in Calgary, saw you there before, would be amazing to see you there again!!

  34. roscoe

    The Sam (oklahoma) is a natural history museum that has rental space
    also the science museum

  35. CynicalKiddo

    I very sadly arrived at MassMoca for a sold out show…BUT…I think you should look into doing a show at EMPAC in Troy NY (and I will purchase my tickets in advance).

  36. Alex Budney

    you should come back to burlington vt and play nectar’s or club metronome! get in touch with me and i can make this happen!

  37. Nico

    If you come in Paris you i’ve to check


    these is the music museum from paris !

    please check !

  38. This Mother Falcon

    I think The Chicago Urban Art Society ( would do a fantastic job of setting you up in a good location and getting you the right publicity here in Chicago.

  39. Brammer

    Hamburg Planetarium would be nice

  40. Geoff Daubert

    Rochester, NY- Four Walls Art Gallery (, or Water Street Music Hall. Please come to Rochester, I will promote the hell out of a show for you for nothing!!! I’ll even buy my own ticket!!! Caught you twice in Troy, NY. Rochester will show you a good time! Promise. Peace!!!

  41. Ckatrotone

    Hi! Pleace come to Vienna ( Austria-Not Australia!) Vienna in the “Arena” i think U love it…… klick the link and read more:

    So, let me know if you want to come :)

    Hope, see you in Vienna-
    :) By By

    Ckatrotone (Katharina Roznerska)

  42. Alex R

    Swansea, Wales, UK

    1. Taliesin Arts Centre
    2. National Waterfront Museum
    3. Waterstones book store

    4. Dylan Thomas Centre

  43. Ckatrotone

    Or ………..”MUSEUMSQUARTIER” in vienna. take al look:
    The short name of Museumsquartier is “MQ” i think its very cool for your project!:)

  44. Dominic Coballe

    Lots of big indoor spaces in Ottawa. National Art Gallery, War Museum, Museum of CIvilization, Aberdeen Pavillion (this space is beyond perfect). I will send a pic thru Twitter.

    Come down the road!

  45. MikeR

    Atalanta GA-

    forgot about King Plow Arts Center or

  46. Wing

    The Grove Anaheim, CA!!!

  47. Arturo

    In Los Angeles, a big venue that would be SICK! is the building I happen to live in. It’s in downtown, and it used to be the main branch of Bank Of America from the 30s-70s. They use it mostly for film shoots nowadays, it is utterly GORGEOUS. The Corner of 7th and Spring St. Also there’s the Los Angeles Theater or the Million Dollar Theater. Old theaters in the old theater district. Fantastic venues.

  48. DJ Clockwise

    I believe it would work perfectly in Hard Club, Porto – Portugal.

    It is not only a music venue, but it frequently receives artistic manifestations of other kinds, namely photography and painting. It stands in an old but completely refurbished traditional market. Please check the website:

    We would love to see you back in Portugal

  49. DosPrompt

    I think Hisense arena in Melbourne Oz is too big. However, Acmi would be perfect. Could possibly work at Scienceworks too?

  50. Math Germain

    Montreal of course!!! It would be nice at the “planetarium”


    Fremont Studios in Seattle would be perfect for this.

  52. Derek

    Missoula, MT – We so need you to come by some time, with any show. Saw you in Heidelberg Germany a few years ago and need a fix!!!

    Venue suggestion for this show: Macy’s building. Currently vacant as Macy’s closed shop. The building housed the oldest operational Mercantile west of the Mississippi. Or the Missoula Art Museum.


  53. melissa

    The Fez Ballroom in Portland, OR would be a great venue.

  54. Ben

    The High Museum in Atlanta has a lot of great spaces and would be very receptive to an event like this!

  55. C'est LaVie

    Planetarium Hamburg, Germany would be awesome

    At the center of its skytheater is the Zeiss planetarium projector “Universarium Mk.9″, which projects a magnificient starry sky on a dome spanning 21 meters. With comfortable reclining-seats.

  56. Jay

    How about somewhere in Golden Gate park in SF. Maybe at the Music Concourse or Academy of Sciences or De Young Museum would be nuts.

  57. dj_ToRMeNTeD

    Hey what up Kid Koala, I would say depending on the size of venue you are looking for either Liberty Hall in Lawrence, KS ( ) or The Midland Theater in Kansas City, MO ( ) Midland is a BEAUTIFUL venue, but may be too big for your purposes with this tour. I am intrigued by the concept of a headphone concert… does everyone bring their own headphones and plug them in? I can’t quite tell from the video what is going on, but it looks awesome. I last saw you in KC at The Voodoo Lounge and I don’t think that would be the best atmosphere for something like this. I look forward to seeing you again on this tour, if either of these venues don’t look like they would work out let me know and I will send more ideas! :D

  58. craig

    in phoenix there is a building called monorchid that may work really well for this – it’s somewhat of a gallery / rent-an-event place these days.

    otherwise, there are places like the arizona science center, mesa art center, or the phoenix art museum that would probably be great for the space cadet

  59. Dj Dadblast

    Gabe’s, The Blue Moose, The Yatch Club, Kinnich Stadium, The Mill, the Englert Theatre… so many venue’s in Iowa City that would love to have you

  60. Lars (Switzerland)

    Hello KidK,

    there are for shore plenty of possibility’s here in Switzerland,

    + Kongresshaus
    + Paleit Extra

    St. Gallen: (my hometown)
    + ((G)) – Gartenstrasse 13
    + Einstein Kongresszentrum
    + University St. Gallen – Kantine
    + Olma hallen (hall 9 or so)
    + Grabenhalle
    + Palace ?

  61. Fred

    Hey Kkoala !

    In France => Lyon .. there is a place called l EPICERIE MODERNE or bigger like LE TRANSBORDEUR..

    France loves your creative sound !!

    I can tell you more about this town if you want..

    You re always welcome here !

    Enjoy&See you

  62. I. Ashley

    I would like to think the best venues in West Palm Beach, Florida for this type of event would be:

    . The Kravis Center | 701 Okeechobee Boulevard, West Palm Beach, FL 33401
    (561) 833-8300

    . The Norton Museum of Art | 1451 South Olive Avenue, West Palm Beach, FL 33401
    (561) 832-5196

    . The South Florida Science Museum | 4801 Dreher Trl N, West Palm Beach, FL 33405-3017
    (561) 832-1988

    Hope any of these venues are good enough to bring you down to share your art in WPB, FL.

    BEST of luck to you and all your endeavors!

  63. Brett Scott

    Philadelphia PA
    (hosts a number of eclectic events/parties)
    (saw lcd soundsystem here in one of their large warehouses. they occasionally have shows here)
    (you may want to contact lee since he has put on a number of successful & legal warehouse type events in philly)

    cheers, brett

  64. eben

    Calgary at the downtown legion or the Bowness community hall. Great acoustics at both venues.

  65. Renaud

    If you are looking for some places in Paris, maybe you should be looking at either:
    - Le Centre Georges Pompidou (which has great open spaces for different types of venues)
    - Le Palais de Tokyo ( a museum owned by the city of Paris which will have news spaces in 2012)
    - La Défense (under or in the giant cube overthere)
    - Or there is an old swimming pool in the 18th arrondissement that houses cultural events.

    These are just ideas outside official concert hall.

  66. Chad Dryden

    What are you doing for Record Store Day 2011? The Record Exchange in Boise, Idaho, is currently seeking artists for killer nighttime in-stores (after we close the doors) on April 15 and 16 and this project would be awesome with RSD. All of our in-stores are all ages. Shoot me an email if you’re interested.

  67. eben

    maybe even the Knox United church

  68. Bronson

    Hey e,

    Listening to TKOL, whatdya’ think. Love the dub moves and the mix that’s show’s off Colin’s bass, and phil. And the critics whining how this isn’t a break thru album…like every record is going to OKC, KidA, In Rainbows.
    What do they want ? RH to stand on their heads and spit wooden nickels, while astral music projects out their arse ?

    On to more important things : ) Obviously this isn’t a”Hey dude and Dudettes lets get down and see how much alcohol we can seat out of are skins…which I must admit I’m kinda’ happy about. However, a whole set of venues except one are ruled out.

    The Public radio director said while this is not there usual fare (alt rock is) she was very impressed and wanted to do some music and be interviewed. Maybe some of the more experimental DJ’s would like to take on.

    There’s a small independent Theatre and smaller venues in the Arts center. Oh shit, I know the production manager at actors theatre. I ‘ll check with them and send R the info.

    Man1 this would be cool… I really like the music I’ve heard.

    Peace and blessings on you and R and team for such phantasmagorical music and you and R’s kindness.


  69. Tim

    Please bring your show to Brussels!
    You know how the Ancienne Belgique rocks every time you ‘re there ! ;-)

    Some venues:
    Atomium would be great, although you should check if its balls are big enough to host the show
    (look it up, you’ll see what I mean)

    Brussels Air Museum could be great

    Tour et Taxis

    Halles Saint Géry

    As well as the Bozar (someone already mentioned it here)

    Hope to welcome you soon to my hometown!

  70. Jesskah

    I wish I could recommend a venue of some sort in L.A. or San Diego but I’ve never been to a concert of any sort. Needless to say, I’d follow you anywhere in the bottom 3/5 of California if you’d show

  71. Vadda


    the planetarium in Hamburg would be perfect. Or if they dont want to host a show
    like yours the Übel & Gefährlich in Hamburg. Which would be a “normal” event-location.
    You know this place from the Hard Sell tour.
    Hopefully to see you in hamburg in the near future.


  72. alex mc mahon

    Satosphère new venue…

  73. Carly Bear

    From a Bear to a Bear

    What would be amazing is if you did it in the UK, or even better Colchester. The Arts Centre would be cool as its inside an old church (that’s rumoured to be the home of humpty dumpty). The Town also has quite a laidback Art Gallery called that Slack Space that would be up for it.

    All the best



  75. s kelly

    Hello Mr Koala….

    You’re always welcome to come back to the Pyramid next time you stop thru Winnipeg Manitoba. Your last shows there have been awesome, and it’d be nice to have you back with this new headphone / inflatable space pod setup :)

    Keep me posted if you’re so inclined… you have many fans here !

    cheers & all that good stuff,
    -scott k

  76. Cody

    Check out the Integratron in Landers, California…I couldn’t think of a better place for something like this. It is already tuned perfectly because they normally hold these things called soundbaths there and would be awe-inspiring. Here’s the website… …we need more Koala in Cali!!!!

  77. julien

    In my town (Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland), I think the Maison d’Ailleurs ( ) would be a good place for that. It’s a sci-fi museum and I think they would dig an idea like that.

  78. Antoine

    Sorry for my english guys, i’m french…
    Maybe you can come in Nantes, in france. It’s student city (over 600 000 peoples lives in). There is a real interest for electronic music in this place (scopitone,…).
    There is different places like but i think the best could be the “pôle étudiant”.
    It’s a place on the campus where takes place a lot of concerts. They always searching new kind of project.
    If you’re interested in, you can contact the university.

    Bye !

  79. elies

    If you ever consider Barcelona there are a few places but the most suitable would be CCCB or MACBA wich may sound familiar to you since you came there at a few Sonar festivals
    Salut i peles!!!

  80. Eddie_P

    There is killer space – indoors and out – at Empire City Casino in Yonkers, NY where I work. They’ve hosted all kinds of festivals, some small & private & others are annual festivals. Looking for a room 10 miles north of Manhattan with over a dozen college campuses within a short cab ride? Let’s get ‘er done!

  81. Javier Bravo

    Come to Peterborough!

  82. Javier Bravo

    Come to Peterborough ON Canada!

  83. Querijn

    Come back to Holland

    Medium sized theatre/bar thing which also hosts films and art and music
    Music venue
    Theatres and concerthalls. Worth a shot

    And many many more. I’m sure you can find at least one venue over here!

  84. chris

    Soooo, I live in North Western BC, it’s quite remote and unlikely to get a gig up here (insert little claymation robot tear here). Thanks for the tune you sent out the other day, much appreciated. I’ll make it down to Van or something when you go there and save the tears. Now venue ideas …….. I thought of a few places, Vancouver – Up on grouse mountain overlooking the city lights at night or the aquarium at night with weird funky fish everywhere. Toronto – The restaurant suspended above water at Ontario place (was Atlantis nightclub in the 90′s) and finally in Toronto, the Ontario Science Centre. Oh and for Calgary, the old science centre downtown! I hope some of these ideas float your boat and maybe help me to see some great art within a day’s drive.

    happy turns,

  85. BenW

    Seems too obvious to me but Houston is a natural choice for venue given subject matter.

    A couple of interesting choices (keeping in mind it is not my problem to book the venue) –

    NASA – rocket park: (note, rocket now housed inside so take your pick indoor or outdoor –

    Long shot venue for multiple reaons but would be the most interesting show ever – NASA NBL –

  86. Bree


  87. brett scott

    Philadelphia PA

    in addition to the venues i already mentioned below i would like to suggest an additional spot that is currently being constructed and will be brand spanking new this summer. it’s called the boom room and is located in philadelphia pa. it might just what you’re looking for since it will be a recording and rehearsal studio with a loft feel. it’s being constructed and run by some creative and open minded individuals.

    boom room!/pages/The-Boom-Room/179838232046813

    other spots that i suggested in a previous post…
    (hosts a number of eclectic events/parties)
    (saw lcd soundsystem here in one of their large warehouses. they occasionally have shows here)
    (you may want to contact lee since he has put on a number of successful & legal warehouse type events in philly)

  88. idleprimate

    In Ottawa, ON, the NAC 4th Stage might be a good venue. It’s a medium sized cabaret styled room with table and chairs (not bucket seats) so the room could be cleared to suit.

    The Nation’s Capital should be doing more to promote home-grown talent!

  89. Mctweezy

    Come to Seattle Wa. Play the EMP, it is the “Experience Music Project/ Science Fiction Museum”… fits the concept like a friggin’ space glove I’d say.

  90. Brian

    Not sure how much space you require but we’d love to do something with you in San Jose either at our gallery, Anno Domini or if this could work outdoors perhaps you could bring it to SubZERO Festival “a diy, artistically bent, hi/lo-techno mashup where street meets geek.” Here’s a look at a performance from last year where The Bangerz (turntablists) mashed up with San Jose Taiko (traditional Japanese Taiko drummers). It was brilliant.

    The Bangerz + San Jose Taiko at 3rd Annual SubZERO Festival

    Please let us know if you’re interested. We would love to have you down here.



  91. James Swidersky

    Come to the University of Waterloo in Ontario Canada PLEASE!!!!

    There are several great places you could possibly perform:

    - In the “PERIMETER INSTITUTE FOR THEORETICAL PHYSICS”. Currently scientist Prof. Stephen Hawking has the position of PI Distinguished Research Chair at the Institute.

    - Maybe somehow in the Earth Science’s Museum on Campus (it has dinosaurs and cool Earth Minerals)

    - Hamanities Theatre on Campus

  92. Dan Whelan

    Mr. Koala!!
    I know it’s late notice but when you come to Dublin the new kids museum would be great
    or the CCD ( I also work here) these venues should be able to cater for your every need. I would be more than happy to help in any way.
    Looking forward to the show May 1st!!!

  93. RDROX

    Imperial Club. Mexico City
    Festival Radar Mexico City
    Circo Volador Mexico city

    There is a lot of other places in mexico city,


  94. New Mixtape – Kid Koala & Terence Bernardo – Blissed out « Chimpski

    [...] the same time as my Space Cadet book/soundtrack and he will be joining us on the road for the Space Cadet Headphone Tour which will start in Montreal at the BIOSPHERE this summer.” Kid [...]

  95. Colin

    There are three nice venue in Paris :
    Le Divan du Monde :
    Le Nouveau Casino :
    Le Bellevilloise :

    Plus many bigger venue (like le Bataclan).

  96. lilsparra


    I know it’s likely terribly late for this, but perhaps as a consideration for a future tour:

    The California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco holds amazing events, and is just a fantastic place to be. I’ve gone to their NightLife events, and I’m sure they could accommodate performances like yours.

    Loving your music and all you do,

  97. Bronson

    Dear e ric,


    Guess I was too late or you weren’t coming to the mid-west. Oh well, some day. Might not be able to hear ya’ music, but could meet ya’ lol I did get something that made pretty happy, on line RadioheaD central (W.A.S.T.E.)that the people who bought the King of Limbs could download Super Collider and Butcher. I was so hoping they’d do that !

    Sent this to Ryhna : a few weeks ago.Things are down on this end working getting better. Organized an anti-war forum and such. I’m hanging though :)

    Flobots ! Have a song about an activist form Louisville. She was in her eighties, worked for the cause for 60 years . Sold a house in a white area (anne is ‘white’) to two black folk and was indicted for sedition in 1951) . There’s archivial intro/outro of Anne talking.

    Say ‘high’ to e and every one in koala land. I guess the venue suggestion was related to that one gig ?

    a musician who is buds with the booker. Matteo Barnett, is my musician friend and knows ray rizzo manager of venue: attn: Ray Rizzo “Matteo Barnett sent ya’”


    Peace, Love, and Light right back at you good buddy,


    some music : and another little doodad. You do so much playing such wild and frisky music… I would like to return something that you my enjoy once in a while. Sun Ra ‘Space is the Place’; ? Biily Srayhorn tribute by the Duke’ orchestra ;or the Art Blakey Quintet ’54 ; or if you want some righteous hip-hop FloBot. Sings about a activist friend of mine lived in Louisville was a wonderful, strong lady that was locked up for selling a house to a black couple in a white. She and her husband Carl got busted for sedition. Died in her sleep working on a manuscript at 82′ or3

  98. Fran


    Aviation Museum – vast space with great props already in situ

    Ottawa Convention Centre – Newly revamped with emormous naturally-lit atrium.

    Just down the road….you know it makes sense!

  99. Gopher

    Planetarium’s all throughout Canada should host this event, here in Vancouver we have two great venues for this:

    I personally thing the space centre would be a better venue then scienceworld.

    Can’t wait to see you out in Vancouver Kid!

  100. Aaron Erb

    Recently saw your show at the F5 Festival in New York. (Great!) And when I saw your talk I thought you would be perfect for a festival I help out with in Cleveland, Ohio. The Space Cadet show fits perfectly with some of the other performers coming to the show this year.

    It’s a three day Arts & Technology festival called Ingenuity Festival. It takes place outside underneath a bridge. The space is protected from weather by still open – a little hard to explain – but very cool. The event takes place on Sept. 16th, 17th and 18th and it’s in it’s 4th or 5th year.

    Web Site

    Talked with the event organizers and they would love to talk to you about bringing your show to Cleveland if possible.

  101. Bondmadcat

    Aloha:) I live on the big island at a cultural arts center that has 3 event spaces. The biggest one, the EMAX, hosts dances weekly, and I should mention, its only 200 feet from the ocean! I can see this being a great space to host
    a show like yours. Here is a link to a photo of the EMAX. plus the 2 other spaces we have…

  102. johannes

    I would be glad to host this in Lyon, France in our space.
    If you plan on crossing oceans with this, let’s talk!

    Space visible here (the “liveroom.2″:

    best regards,

  103. clintdups

    second that notion.
    planetarium or museum of vancouver.
    keep on eric.

  104. MrMarckus

    Los Angeles : W.O.M. (Word Of Mouth) Gallery and Studios (Glendale/Silverlake) or anywhere in LA!! PLEASE! I missed your last appearance here.

  105. MarkS

    also at the VERA Project in seattle!!!

  106. Hi Life

    It would be. both, an honor and pleasure to have this on the lovely island of martha’s vineyard. massachusetts. we have a couple of spaces yet would lean towards a newly opened artspace called the Shephard Fine Artspace. It is wood / cement and metal and brilliant.

    Hope I have peeked your interest :)


  107. Shane

    In SAULT STE. MARIE, ON there are two great venues, The Grand Theatre and the Kiwanis Theatre.

  108. will haupt

    The Black Box at Wexner Center for the Arts in Columbus OH on The Ohio State University campus would be a nice spot for your exhibit. You performed there with P-Love, et al on the cabaret tour. The acoustics are phenomenal.

    I will forward your posting to the Wexner in hopes they can pick up the ball from their end.

    Hope to see you!


  109. Lord Dubious

    Chi-town idears:

    Heaven Gallery
    Adler Planitarium

  110. Karina Houde

    Aotea Centre or Auckland Showgrounds in Auckland, New Zealand…you told me you loved coming here when I scored your 45 of Mah Na Mah Na…I work as an Event Manager here – lets make it happen :)

  111. Harry

    Two people in SF already mentioned Yerba Buena Center and California Academy of Sciences, both would be great especially the latter one. I also would support you doing this at Coachella next year! :/

  112. Kid Koala to perform headphone sets in Montreal’s Biosphere « Consequence of Sound

    [...] be on sale Thursday, May 19th at noon over here.If you’re not into going to Canada, Koala does appear to be planning a full-fledged tour. Koala is currently also playing DJ sets scattered around the globe; see his [...]

  113. James

    The Atlanta Botanical Gardens would be a really cool venue to host this! Either way, get down here Kid Koala!

  114. Jesse

    The Exploratorium in San Francisco, at the Palace of the Legion of Honor. They have an excellent space for this. Another possibility is the Academy of Scliences in Golden Gate Park. A show at either space would be epic!

  115. Sean

    Boston: One of the Boston Harbor Islands, like Georges, which has a fort on it.

    Isabella Stuart Gardener Museum (old mansion now an art museum w/ a courtyard)

  116. souldischarge

    Another Chicago suggestion would be the Chicago Cultural Center. Whichever room it is with the dome is a big beautiful open space They’ve had electronic music events there in the past too. I caught Oval and Nosaj Thing there at Sonar Chicago and it was a good fit.

  117. Mike

    Please come to Phoenix, AZ…The Marquee in Tempe would be perfect for this!

  118. dirt

    The City Museum in St. Louis, Missouri.

  119. Renee

    Geraldton Ontario!!! There’s nothing like small town spirit.

  120. Kamil

    Please confirm that this concert will perform in any city of England. I live in Manchester and I could not miss this amaizing event.

  121. Jon B.

    Hey there,

    The Artisphere in Arlington, VA has a great room for this.

  122. Riaad


  123. kidk

    Space Cadet in Shanghai would rock!!! Let’s make it happen!


  124. kidk

    We are currently looking for the right presenter to help us bring this event to the UK. I would love to do a whole tour of Space Cadet concerts there. We will keep you posted.


  125. Jimothy McWittering Smythe III

    Suggestions for London, UK:

    There’s an awesome arts/performance space run by the folks at shunt – they have a show running there until October 2011 but maybe after then?


    what about a disused tram tunnel under the streets of Holborn?

    Conrad Shawcross had a month-long art installation there in 2009, so it’s definitely useable – it’s quite a long narrow space though


    Battersea Arts Centre ( has lots of atmospheric spaces you could put a show (including the loft!

    I’m based in London at the moment, feel free to contact me for any more details!

  126. Papa Tony

    Please consider SF as a stop on your journey. In SF, the two places I think you might be wise to consider are as follow:


    Amazing, versatile, centrally located. I’ve been to multiple shows and installations at their large space downtown and it’s at once flexible, large and intimate.

    Cell Space

    Another terrific space – again, a storied history of art, music and culture in SF. I think this is another great venue to explore..

    There are more that I can think of, but those are the two off the top of my head that aren’t traditional…if you are thinking of other spots, you may want to consider the Concourse as well as the other spaces you can find here:

    To that end – if I may wax a bit fan-boy for a moment, I’ve been catching your shows for years…from the before the Tripendicular tour with ColdCut, to Amon Tobin, you and Bullfrog, to seeing The Slew three times last year (SF @the independent, Sonar Barcelona, Sonar Chicago) – and then again on the XX tour.. I’m happy to help make this happen if I can. In fact, it would be an honor to assist.

    Much love,


  127. Kamil

    Ooo, Thx! I hope everything will be fine, regarding to the organisation this event in the UK!

  128. Ingrid

    Toulouse (Cité de l’Espace, otherwise the usual venues, Zénith, Bikini, Phare, I guess)!

  129. Tom

    Please come to Toronto.

    I’ll echo the Science Centre idea already posted.

    The Art Gallery of Ontario ( might also be a good fit. It’s a beautiful places since the renovations were completed.

    All the best!

  130. Jon B.

    If you can make it out to Arlington, VA let me know and I can set you up with the new media arts director at the Artisphere.

  131. Julie

    Please come to Lyon, France : Le Transbordeur !
    I sawyou in Helsinki in april, it was great :)

  132. C

    San Francisco, please!!! 1015 Folsom or anywhere else, this would be ubercool :-) Or anywhere in the Bay Area…

  133. Vladimir Kapustin

    Moscow (Russia):

    Milk –
    Arena –
    A2 –

  134. edgar box


  135. Chicago Jon

    Missoula, Mt. Loads of kids from Chicago and Minneapolis that know their music. Play the Badlander, Top Hat or Big Sky Brewery.

  136. Mark

    How about Liverpool UK. The Palm House in Sefton Park could be interesting or the Olympia for something bigger.

    Or maybe Blackpool UK to get off the usual circuit. The Winter Gardens, Blackpool Tower Ballroom and even the North Pier Victorian Sun Lounge could be options. Though you’d need the sun for the last one :)

    Anywhere in the UK would be good though!

  137. Ryan


    Superhappyfunland would be perfect for this…

  138. Clement

    Come to Edinburgh !

    HMV Picture house or anywhere else ! But please come !

  139. Khan

    The Green Building in Brooklyn
    Glasslands Gallery Brooklyn

  140. gustavo berocan

    it would be great to see this concert in palma de mallorca. maybe featured in the neo tokyo festival. i can’t find their home page, only their facebook…

    it happens in es baluard museum, a nice place to make this concert.

    saludos desde mallorca!

  141. Cherry Chan

    This would be awesome in this space in Singapore. :D
    72-13 Arts Space

  142. kati

    come to Trafo in Budapest : )

  143. Francesca

    Hopefully you’re still considering….play at Alexandra Palace in London! It’d be perfect, and a really cool venue :)

  144. Kieran*

    Initial thoughts…

    London, UK – The Roundhouse, Camden

    London, UK – Tate Turbine Hall, London

    London, UK – Somerset House, Central London (weather permitting)

    Eden Project, Cornwall, UK (weather permitting)

    Or the school theatre I work at ; ) !

  145. Alex

    The Phoenix centre in Exeter, Devon (UK) would be a great place to do it. Please contact them!

  146. Emma

    Hey, i work for a locations company in London we have loads of great unique, quirky spaces.

    a few spring to my mind……

    if you need any assistance just drop me an email.

    Love and light,

    Emma x

  147. Anna Selwood

    Please come to Glasgow, Scotland! I would recommend the Tramway or maybe The Arches….

  148. C

    How about coming to Swansea, Wales, a few nice places here, galleries etc

  149. olive Ridley

    Santa Barbara? Maybe the Museum of Art


    Los Angeles maybe LACMA

  150. Cliff

    SAN DIEGO – Balboa Park, beautiful setup for an outdoor show, surrounded by museums, amphitheater and botanical gardens. There isn’t a place with better weather. Rarely a chance for rain. Cleaner air than any other Southern California venue and absolutely beautiful. Check out Balboa Park and PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE seriously consider. Thanks

  151. caro c

    please come to MCR, UK! Salford trinity church is a lovely venue.

    oh and Contact Theatre –

    or kraak gallery:

    a bientot alors!

  152. david nusloch

    NEW ORLEANS checking in. there’s a huge open venue here, the Sugar Mill, that is a great place for space. i also know the sister of the owner, which may help in booking. ;) i’ve been in nonprofit event planning for 10 yrs, so i’d be willing to help if need.

  153. cartercarter

    NEW ORLEANS! Sugarmill… yes!!!

  154. Jason Howard

    I like that some people are suggesting museums. It seems unlikely you would ever make it out here to Omaha, NE, but if you did, one cool place would be the Joselyn Art Museum:

  155. matt

    Please come to St. Louis!

    City Museum-

    2720 Cherokee –

    Contemporary Art Museum –

  156. Nicholas

    Madison, WI USA Monona Terrace

  157. Elwood Thompson

    The Seattle art museum

  158. nikki

    the boulder museum of contemporary art, OR…up in nederland at the ski resort eldora. “eldo” is so low-key and tucked into the indian peaks wilderness – they have two lodges and the newer one has these massive windows looking out at the runs…this would be amazing at night. wow wow wow…please come to colorado!!!

  159. Matt Ferry

    Casslemans ( here in Denver. Or the Exdo event center (! Super!

  160. RYAN

    I second the Yurba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. I would also suggest Cal Art Academy in Golden Gate park. I know they do events on Thursday nights.

  161. Sandra

    Don’t know if these were mentioned but

    If the Air and Space Museum or Corcoran Art School don’t work out for the DC, MD, VA Metropolitan area, the Strathmore Music Hall in Bethesda, MD off Rockville Pike or the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexandria VA are considerations. THe Torpedo Factory is a smaller space, more hallway long space. The Strathmore has larger spaces:

    The Music Center at Strathmore 5301 Tuckerman Lane North Bethesda, MD 20852-3385. The Mansion at Strathmore 10701 Rockville Pike North Bethesda, MD …

  162. Flx

    Hey, have a look on the fotos on the website –
    It´s a undergroung ex-brewery which we use
    as training space for acrobats – it is the
    perfect place, i guess … or maybe only, because
    I wish so much… to have le monsieur in town!
    Lg Felix

  163. noah

    There is a really cool old power plant in Austin, Texas that they host art events and music at sometimes. Hurry up though, because I think it’s going to turn into condos soon like every other cool art space. There are also some amazing outdoor spaces here where you could do it and it’s warm out year round. I am a theatre artist and I think you and I am so inspired by the work the multimedia work you do. Thanks!

  164. flx in case you couldn´see it in the last post… plz

  165. COnnr


  166. Chris

    SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA. Australian Technology Park. This venue is quite unique and would be incredibly well suited for this production.

  167. skinnyson

    How about park located by the Seal Beach pier in Seal Beach, CA. They have concerts in the park throughout the summer.

  168. Jean Mattot

    Always welcome in our beautifull livingroom in dowtown Brussels, the heart of Europe! I really mean it…we can’t seat hundreds of people but it would be an unforgetable experience in a warm house with 4 kids!

  169. Hopper


    Yerba Buena Center for Arts
    DeYoung Museum
    Lawrence Hall of Science
    Exploratorium / Palace of Fine Arts

  170. Harco

    Pleasepleaseplease come to WILLIE in Deventer, the Netherlands. It’s a great place in an old industrial harbour area. Both indoor and outdoor are possibilities. Check for more info about the place.

    Hope to see you there!

  171. Neil

    The Cornerhouse in Manchester would be an ideal venue for the space cadet show!

  172. vas

    hey there,
    i manage lula lounge in toronto:
    we’d love to discuss making this happen here.
    please get in touch.

  173. Orly

    Atlanta GA! its the best venue. you would be perfect there.

  174. Corey

    We would love to see you in Spokane, WA. You could play at the Knitting Factory here in town. Hope I see you there!

  175. Alex

    Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada! at the cunard centre would probably a good location, or the forum. COME TO HALIFAX!!!

  176. Bernice, Vancouver - Montrealer now relocated to Zurich

    Please come back to Zurich, Switzerland. The PULS 5 centre at the Technopark could be a good location.

  177. sgtblueberry

    San Diego, Calif. – Balboa Park’s Organ Pavilion or the grass by the Botanical Garden would be fitting

  178. sgtblueberry

    San Diego, Calif. –

    oh, or the Ruben H. Fleet museum theatre!

  179. James Elliot

    Mr. Koala,
    Please come and visit us in Manchester!

    Mr. Scruff has already made quite the impression and I am certain us Mancunian’s would love your SPACE CADET headphone concert!

    Give this venue some thought when planning your tour:

    Massive respect,
    James Elliot

  180. Justin Olimpaito

    How about the Sherman Theater in Stroudsburg, PA. Or the college campus of East Stroudsburg University! Cannot wait to see this!

  181. tiltman

    Just saw that awesome trailer on youtube secs ago. – This looks so great, I wanna experience this here in Cologne or nearby places in Germany as well. So far i didn’t see any dates and plans to come to Germany, is that right? If so, please reconsider coming here. There are plenty of venues around here, for example /index.html in a city named “Essen” might be a good one. Plenty connected to the “The Industrial Heritage Trail” with nice spots and halls or municipal cultural venues / museums in Cologne.
    Please come and let me know in advance!

  182. Manuelito W

    how about an indian reservation? Navajo Nation in Window Rock Arizona….would be really cool and REALLY innovative… we have the building and lots of space my friend. :) think about it.

  183. Rosana

    Venue: Kino Siska in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

  184. jsephyyc

    Apparently the new science centre in Calgary has some pretty had spaces that could be used for this tour :P

  185. Paddy T

    This is an artists space in Dublin. Dublin would be somewhere very suitable for this. You could travel Ireland and go to Cork, where you could do this in the Triskel

    Then if you want to go to limerick City, you could talk to these guys about a space where you want to do it,

    Then go to Galway City, i’m not sure where to go there but there would be somewhere suitable.

    Then go to Belfast.

    5 Cities all into creative art, some big, some small but be a nice Irish Tour

  186. Jon

    Hi Mate, I saw you play in Middlesbrough UK about 6 years ago when you were touring “some of my best friends are DJs” Skanky Panky live with DJ Jester and the other guy whos name slips my mind at this time. If you’re looking to play unique gigs in UK check out:

    The Sage, Gateshead UK

    Baltic, Gateshead UK

    or if you want a VENUE

    Gasometer, Oberhausen Germany.

    Even if you dont play there just go and see it its awesome

    Looking forward to catching your show soon.


  187. kidk

    Hey Jon,

    I totally remember that Middlesborough gig! Okay I’ll check into those venues. The third DJ was DJ P-Love from New York.


  188. fram

    if you ever consider comming to karlsruhe, germany, the ZKM (zentrum für kunst und medientechnilogie) would be a very nice location for your show. they house interactive art and new media art. they also have a music cube for all sorts of experimental concerts. there’s also the HFG (hochschule für gestaltung – design school) that have a big hall for concerts and other events in the same building.
    give it a try, would be nice to see you there :)

  189. Doctor B.

    In Binghamton, NY:

    Broome County Arena –
    Binghamton University –
    Spool Manufacturing –

    Ithaca, NY (an hour away):

    Cornell University – Various venues, like Barton Hall
    Ithaca College – various venues like the Ben Light Gymnasium

    Hope to see you here or there!

  190. Henry Venema


  191. Henry Venema

    ..and play at the community auditorium

  192. Henry Venema

    …or try contacting DefSup if you decide to come to thunder bay. Defsup is a locally run alternative art gallery with lots of room and space and they would be more than happy to have you come and play in their bulding. Thanks for reading this.

  193. rosa angora

    if you wanna come to austria there is a place called “tabakwerke”. its an industrial area with diffrent buildings, its empty and you have huge halls. :D

  194. stephen v anderson


    I have a few idea in Milwaukee WI, first came to mind the Rosebud Theater or Time Cinema (both of these theaters are closing their doors soon, but I thought I could speak with the owner and see if they would be willing to do something like this). The rosebud has all cushy couches for seating, both are old school theaters and the rosebud has a small kitchen.

    Or the Milwaukee Art Museum is an awesome venue right on lake Michigan.

    They have a show they do once a month on Friday nights call MAM After Dark

    Anyway, it would be awesome to have this come through Milwaukee!

  195. Mike

    Def need you in DC. If no one has suggested a spot yet, I think the National Building Museum ( would be nice, or anywhere, really! PLEASE COME TO DC!


  196. Mud

    Please, please, come to Zurich, Switzerland.

    Puls 5:
    Maag Halle:

    We are coming out to Strassbourg, looking forward to it!

  197. MAI

    heij kid,
    i was just out with friends yesterday, and on our way to the fiesta location we had the idea of how most curious it’d be to pass by a concert of people dancing in total silence, to a music only they can hear by their headphones – and today i read that, here. love it!!
    check out austria’s “dobra staussee burgruine” (already a location for few festivals to be happening),or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&biw=1303&bih=634&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&ei=Ny9ST5qJJ6LC0QXi6YnbCw#um=1&hl=de&client=safari&rls=en&tbm=isch&sa=1&q=burgruine+dobra&pbx=1&oq=burgruine+dobra&aq=f&aqi=g1&aql=&gs_sm=3&gs_upl=2273l2273l0l2735l1l1l0l0l0l0l134l134l0.1l1l0&gs_l=img.3..0.2273l2273l0l2737l1l1l0l0l0l0l134l134l0j1l1l0&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&fp=7e3a371fd9ce980d&biw=1303&bih=634
    would be great to see you there!

  198. Nate Nichols

    You should look into OMSI in Portland, OR. It would make an amazing venue for this show

  199. Kit V.

    In Portland Oregon there are a good number of open spaces to choose from. My favorite is the Crystal Ballroom, as it is very wide open and has plenty of room to set up all the necessary things.

  200. mjboyce

    Here in Vancouver there are some outdoor locations that might be interesting, depending on the time of year. There is a performance space in Stanley Park. I also think that the VanDusen Gardens would be interesting. There are some indoor art spaces, like the Western Front and W2 that I’m sure would welcome you in. Hell, if my living room were big enough, I’d welcome you in!

    I do hope you bring this hear (sic).

  201. kezo

    What about Mexico?
    There is a place in Monterrey called Museo Marco… and it’s perfect!
    We’d love to have you here

  202. JG

    Baltimore, Maryland – Sonar Baltimore or Baltimore Soundstage

  203. Hashbrown x Butter

    Some additional recommendations for Chicago:
    1. Logan Square Auditorium – from the intro video you made, this venue would be PERFECT!!!!!!!!
    2. Aragon Ballroom – would be perfect, but think it’s run by JAM Productions & may be pricey
    3. Congress Theatre – hosts many electronic artists. Place Amon Tobin has used for ISAM tour.
    4. Park West :) You opened for Shadow & Cut Chemist here. It has a few table booths in the rear/middle. :(
    5. Chicago Urban Arts Society – I think someone else mentioned this one. Just a huge open gallery that occasionally sets us stages for bands. My fiancée & I considered using this venue for our wedding reception.

    -Is the Metro too small?

    Can’t wait to see this show in person one day, man…

  204. Jack "Doc"

    The Arcata Theater Lounge would be a perfect location for your tour! It’s a small theater, recently redesigned, with a large projection screen, and next door to Humboldt State University. It’s on the way to Oregon and next to Eureka. It would be perfect and lots of people here dig your music. Please consider this venue. It’s small, clean, open space can be created for sitting and creativity booths and the community here is very Hippie oriented. We love you!!
    ~~Jack “Doc” Arcata, CA, 95521
    We have a lot of big names come through here, you need to add your name to the list :)
    Keep up the beautiful work!!!

  205. slava

    hi! the planetarium in bochum could be a perfect place in ruhr area, germany.
    check this out:

  206. Calvo

    In Madrid, “Matadero de Madrid”.

    Muy rico.

  207. Jonny Wray

    I got yer back in philly if’n you ain’t looking to become a millionaire off it.

  208. Dave

    In Hamilton, Ontario a perfect spot would be the Pearl Company.
    It’s an old factory converted into art/performance space. It would be an amazing place for Space Cadet!

  209. Beau Skowron

    Oh for sure!! Pleeeease come to Melbourne and play at the ACMI Hi – Sense arena like someone else suggested! It is PERFECT! All glass and light coloured timber seating set low overlooking the river!

  210. lori w

    the macdonald steward art centre as part of the guelph jazz festival!!! or the canada company hall of the river run centre during the day or mitchell hall i guess. email ajay heble!

  211. sweetspot

    In Los Angeles, the Redcat Theater near MOCA would be ideal!! Also Santa Monica Museum of Art or Echoplex. Eric performed there a couple years back so maybe it’s time to come back.

  212. ben

    please come to sammys in dunedin nz

  213. North Darling

    You need to come to Peace River. We are The Social, and we have a 220 seat venue in a gorgeous theatre. I am friends with Dave Lawrence he can vouch. We had Shout Out Out Out Out, and Pauls’ Nightseeker most recently. Huge theatre town and we will sell out. You can come back for PeaceFest as well. Lemme know.

  214. stephanie

    If you come back through Vancouver with this show again, Science World would be a great venue!

  215. Marc Safon

    The BRITISH LIBRARY in London is perfect for your Space Cadet Programme.
    There’s a substantial exhibition space for all your machines and whatnots.
    A concert area.
    Bar/juice bar.
    Plus several levels for people to wander around and you to put whatever you want.
    Unleash your imagination!

  216. Andrew A

    Two sites in south London: CLF Art Cafe/The Bussey Building is an old factory turned into arts venue (galleries, artist studios, club nights, etc). One of a kind. Frank’s Cafe is on the top floor of an old car park in Peckham. It gets rave reviews for all the associated arts events that are put on during the summer months. There is also plenty of space in the interior of the car park but imagine doing the show under the stars…? Come on, let’s make it happen!

    Whatever, we really hope to see you back in London soon!


  217. Area51exist

    Austin, Texas! Stubb’s or The Parish would be some good places to play. Austin has a lot of good music venues.

  218. miss s

    There are many spaces in the DC area, and I’ll try to think of ideals based on some of the guidelines that have been mentioned here in the comments, but PLEASE PLEASE come to DC/Baltimore! I think this is original and very interesting. Can’t wait!

  219. david speers

    custom house square in belfast .n.ireland-would look and be awesome

  220. AG


    -Wells Fargo Center (indoor sports arena)
    -Citizens Bank Park (outdoor baseball stadium)
    -FDR Park (300+ acre park in the city)
    -Electric Factory (2500+ capacity)
    -TLA (1000 capacity)
    -Starlight Ballroom (1200 capacity)
    -Union Transfer (1000 capacity)

    …and a handful of prime underground/private locations, but you’ll have to email me personally for those. ;)

  221. Miles Bowe


    My friends are opening an arts space in this large empty retail space:

    Here is a bit more information in their call for submissions:

    It’s in the UK in Bristol. It seems like a large enough space to house what you have in mind maybe! I’m looking forward to seeing you on your new tour next month when you come to town.

  222. Kelyn

    Camp Bisco 2013, Mariaville, NY. Yes, please!

  223. Michelle

    Please, San Diego (@La Jolla UCSD )or Los Angeles, we need this experience!!
    Any place really :C

  224. kidk

    working on it! we are planning more US dates for Space Cadet Headphone Concerts for 2013. stay tuned!

  225. Matt S

    If you come to Philadelphia it would be cool to do it near the art museum and possibly incorporate Open Air Philadelphia:

  226. Pirty

    The Spark – new science centre in Calgary

  227. Craig Dorward

    Although an intimate venue, 250 seat, the Margaret Ziegler star theater at the “space science center” ……now renamed the telus world of science in EDMONTON would be an amazing space to hold the show. It has the dome ceiling with 6 new digital projectors with 360 degree capability for a full dome immersive video experience. There is a smaller but suitable “stage ” in the center where the old star machine used to be. Plush reclining chairs and carpet , making the room sound great. Also has a decent sized lobby for the gallery portion of the event.

  228. Craig Dorward

    Margaret Zeidler Star Theatre…damn autocorrect

  229. Simon

    How about the Banff Centre, Banff Alberta?

  230. Doogie

    In Calgary, Alberta, Canada the Jubilee Auditorium!!!
    Banff Centre, Banff, Alberta would be RAD too!!

  231. Austin Silent Disco


    Austin Silent Disco would love to put an event together with you in Austin! Being a silent disco company, we are not only familiar with the concept of the headphone concert (we have thrown them), but we work with with many venues through various connections and bringing Kid Koala to Austin to do any kind of show, let alone a headphone concert would be awesome! ~Russ

  232. jake

    Madison WI, at the Majestic!!!!!!!

  233. Marissa

    Keep up the good work.

  234. Arlie Croft

    our very cool inclusive farm on the hill, Kilmoganny, co Kilkenny, Ireland….come see us…

  235. Robert P

    In London Ontario – Centennial Hall or RBC theater in Budweiser Gardens

  236. Joe D.

    Kingston Ontario, Venue Called Revolutions Night Club, (used to be called The Elixir) You have played there once before few years ago, place was packed as Kingston is a total Queen’s University town. I manage and work FOH under new ownership and its the Perfect stop for the VINYL VAUDEVILLE TOUR! Hit my email for booking if your going to be in the hood!

  237. Dominic M

    Please bring this to Detroit!!

    The Majestic

    The Russell Industrial Spaces

    The Detroit Institute of Art


  238. Thomas "the train" daddy

    Do the show at the JACCC Isamu Noguchi plaza in downtown Los Angeles. It would be an awesome outdoor experience in LA:)

  239. Kid Cozy

    Please come to Kansas. Been my inspiration and im a great fan who would love to catch ya some time :)
    I know this is quite old but doesnt hurt to try!

  240. Briana Griffin

    Check out EMPAC Studio 1 in Troy, NY. At RPI. The building Empac has some of the best acoustics in the world and has many residences for experimental electronic music artists and that type of thing.

  241. Briana Griffin

    Check out EMPAC Studio 1 in Troy, NY. At RPI. The building Empac has some of the best acoustics in the world and has many residences for experimental electronic music artists and that type of thing.

  242. Federico

    Los Angeles- LACMA

    Pasadena, CA- Norton Simon

  243. Rudy Lauerman

    I have a music series at the Detroit Institute of Arts where this project would work beautifully. We do a series of outdoor performances on our lawn (Lawn Parties). Let me know if you’re interested in trying to make something happen in 2014 or 2015.


  244. Lee

    In houston texas, the station museum
    In mcallen texas, imas (international museum of arts and science)

    Ps, i saw u spin in houston once. Brilliant. Ditto new album. Track five pits me near tears.

  245. kidk

    cool! we will look into it. It’d be great to bring Space Cadet to Houston: home of NASA!

  246. Jay Robinson

    What about the largest children’s museum in the southeast?
    I manage it. I would love to see you here!

  247. CROW FOOT

    Just saw the newly renovated historic Carver Theater in New Orleans. It’s got it all! History, a badass system, and they have a nonprofit arm that gives kids from the area a chance to assist in event planning and production. WOWZA!

    I talked to the owner and he is JAZZED about the idea!

    Let’s do it!


  248. Rose

    If you’re looking for a location in the midwest, Madison, Wisconsin is a great option. Just hours from Chicago, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Dells, and Dubuque.
    I don’t know how much room you’ll need, but the Alliant Energy Center in Madison has available areas suitable from wedding receptions to music concerts.

  249. Bryan Price

    New Grounds Roasting Company in York, Pa. I think that would be a cool venue. They have a large room in the back where they host shows/ open mics. They also do a lot for the community.

  250. janie

    The Halifax Music Co-op in Halifax, NS would be perfect! And we’d be honored yo have you! Check out our website!

  251. David

    Belfast,titanic drawing offices,fuck yeah

  252. Sarah

    The DIA in Detroit!

  253. David

    Titanic drawing offices ,belfast ,northern ireland

  254. Ber

    In Los Angeles the Bootleg Theatre would make an incredible venue.
    In Santa Cruz the Catalyst would be a cool place

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