Montreal-based scratch DJ and music producer Kid Koala presents a magical, multi-disciplinary adaptation of his graphic novel Nufonia Must Fall. The story centres around a headphones-sporting robot on the verge of obsolescence and infatuated with a winsome office drone. Directed by K.K. Barrett, recently Oscar-nominated for Her, this live adaptation unfolds via real-time filming of more than a dozen miniature stages and a cast of puppets. Koala and the dynamic Afiara Quartet provide live scoring on piano, strings and turntables.

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  1. Paula Bennett

    Is “Nufonia Must Fall” still touring? What’s the tour schedule/where can I catch it? Montreal? NYC? Boston?

    Paula Bennett
    Grant Manager, Foundations & Government Relationships
    International Festival of Arts & Ideas
    New Haven, CT USA

  2. douglas hout

    Great making of video!

  3. Austin O

    This is insane. I seriously cannot wait to see this! It looks amazing, and I am sure it is amazing!

  4. Stephanie

    This sounds amazing! I went to a talk by K.K. Barrett last year where he mentioned this project and I have been looking forward to it ever since. I noticed that it will be playing in Minneapolis in April 2016; are there any plans for it to come to San Francisco? Thank you!

  5. Stephanie

    ^ Nevermind! I just noticed the list of upcoming events, including a show at Stanford. 🙂

  6. kidk

    Yes west coast dates are at the beginning of 2016. see you there!

  7. PDX

    Hope to see you in Portland after your Cali shows!

  8. MM

    DC dates??? PLEASE??

  9. kidk

    we will get there!

  10. kidk

    yes we are working on it!

  11. J-Live

    Absolutely cannot wait for 9/17 so I can see this performance!
    Kid K playing Brooklyn on my birthday, it just doesn’t get any better than that!!!

  12. kidk

    just saw this message! happy be-lated birthday!!

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  14. Michael Bennett

    WOW, truly enjoyed and was moved by your production “Nufonia Must Fall”. Thank you for bringing this to Eugene OR.
    Warm Regards;
    Mike Bennett

  15. Francisco

    9/17 is my birthday too! Guess puppets where big at hospitals that day 🙂
    Any plans for a Montreal show? (It wouldn’t have to be on my b-day)

  16. kidk

    Thank you for joining us! We had a wonderful time in Oregon!

  17. Mylene

    Is this show suitable for children? My son is 8, I’m wondering if he would enjoy it. Thanks 🙂

  18. kidk

    Hey Mylene,
    Yes! we recommend this show for 8+! Younger children have also watched the show and enjoyed it but we leave that to the parents discretion as the show runs about 1 hour 10 minutes.
    Hope to see you there!

  19. Martin

    Will this be returning to Toronto at all for screening/viewing?

  20. kidk

    Hopefully someday but no plans yet! Future (confirmed) Nufonia shows are in USA, South America, and UAE.

  21. billfrog

    I wept at last night’s show. Thank you!

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