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Nufonia Must Fall: The Making of a Live Show (Book)

Follow the 12 year epic journey of Nufonia Must Fall, from it’s birth as a 2D doodle on a placemat, to touring all over the world! Exclusive stories and interviews with the creators, cast and crew! Over 110 behind-the-scenes photos from the workshops, studios, and premiere tour in London, Hamburg, Groningen, Adelaide, Toronto, Los Angeles and New York.

Nufonia Must Fall is a multidisciplinary performance based on Kid Koala’s graphic novel and soundtrack by the same name. The unique touring show, directed by K.K. Barrett, combines a live soundtrack, string quartet, and miniature puppets, all filmed, edited and projected right before the eyes of its audience.

Book Dimensions: 10″x10″, 60 pages

quotes about the Nufonia Must Fall Live show

“Nufonia Must Fall plays as genuine romance.” –The New York Times

“At each and every moment: moving, original, and deeply inspiring.” -Darren Aronofsky, director, Black Swan, Requiem for a Dream, Pi

“Music, cinematography, and puppetry come together in this magic trick of the heart.” -Jason Reitman, director, Juno, Up in the Air

“Postmodern Chaplin.” -Chris Strouth for the Walker Art Center

“The film, small and tender, could stand strong on its own, but the heart of the production lies in watching it being created.” –The Guardian

“On top of the sheer miracle of the live orchestration of it all, it was beautiful, laugh-out-loud funny and stunning! Those tiny little puppets actually made me cry.” -Mark Osborne, director, The Little Prince, Kung Fu Panda

“There are laughs aplenty, poignant moments, romance, gentleness, sadness, distress, happiness, and a surprising degree of emotional communication between these two simple puppets, and between them and us… how amazingly captivating it can be for an audience. There is something for everybody in this production, and so many intricate elements, each of which is tightly integrated into the marvellous whole… This is a family show in all respects, with as much to intrigue and engage adults as there is for the younger audience members, and there were plenty of them, all of whom hardly made a sound until the overwhelming final applause and standing ovation.” – Broadway World

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