This month I have also been working on the soundtrack to the Mosquito Book. I stumbled upon this article about our favorite parasite. woah. I had no idea…

There will be a quiz about it at the next gig.

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  1. cory lambson

    What a phenomena. This seems like a perfect jumping off point to start a musical project to. I’m always impressed with what I find in your albums, and website. Word, keep up the good work, and I’ll keep cooking in my “Cookin’ with the Kid” apron I bought at the show at Club Congress, Tucson. cory

  2. sean

    wow what a cool connection with your project.. i wonder if this special overtone could have similar effects on humans… oh by the way i saw a video i thought you would enjoy mr san…

    really enjoyed your show at the modern art museum in fort worth a few years ago.. thanks for making such fun music and experiments..

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