Here are some scratch boards from the forthcoming Space Cadet book+soundtrack.  This is the quiet album that I have promised many of you.  Timing-wise it’s working out as we are heading into winter here in Montreal.  And once that snow hits… you scratch all tear-jerky like… it’s kind of inescapable.  The book is about 120 pages long.  The soundtrack album will be recorded over the next few months.  We have a special tour planned for it’s release but I’ll keep you posted as it all comes together.  

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  1. strangefamilia

    you re plastic work just look amazing. I m myself doing animation and it s really inspirationnal, as your music, of course ! Keep up the great work ! Have a look to our demo if you have time


    this looks like it will be amazing. your work is so cool because it is so multifaceted, incorporating so many different artistic mediums. i remember seeing you and having you do a recipe onstage while music was playing lol. not many people make books with a soundtrack.

    best of luck making it perfect!

  3. SimonLapointe

    ‘like your music, I was playing at Guelph jazz festival and saw you…

    I like also the “strange familia” movie: reminds me Svankmajer…

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