page 35 pencil. page 36 etch board. robot buys cereal.

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  1. Jenny

    I am having trouble reading your website. What are your tour dates? Are you coming to New York City any time soon? -Jenny

  2. Cori

    Hi Jenny,
    We post all confirmed show dates in the tour section. Just click on “tour” icon from the menu. (under the drawing of the blue apartment building near the middle of the screen). Possible New York show in April… we will post it once we confirm the venue.

  3. littlebird

    this page looks great!! you’ll have a terrific book and we will go buy it!


  4. kidk

    hi lp,

    thank you for the kind words. we’re planning on doing a special Space Cadet show in the early part of 2010 to launch the book/soundtrack. that is… if I’m able to turn in the finished book to the print shop by November. we will keep you posted. I’m working on page 92 today. there are about 30 more pages to do and then there will be much rejoicing here.


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