SPACE CADET – Graphic Novel + Soundtrack (132 pages + 15 track OST) Written, Illustrated & Scored by Kid Koala

Story, Drawings and Music by Kid Koala

132 page graphic novel + 15 track CD soundtrack.

He’s the guardian robot programmed to protect the sweetest astronaut on this (or any) planet.
But when she blasts off on a solo mission of outer-space adventure, he is left to wonder…
What now?
A tomorrow-days lullaby about finding your place in the universe.

Kid Koala’s second graphic novel, Space Cadet, drawn entirely on etchboards for a stunning effect in black and white, is accompanied by a “still picture score” on CD — 15 original tracks, each underscoring a key scene in the book, composed and performed by Kid Koala on piano and turntable.  String arrangements by Vid Cousins featuring Arcade Fire’s Marika Anthony Shaw on viola.

This charming story of an adventurous space cadet and her guardian robot unfolds through a series of flashbacks and flash-forwards to reveal a unique bond between the characters. As it explores the relationship between technology and isolation, Space Cadet celebrates the idea of connectivity through family and the cycles that build generations.

01) main title theme: open your book
02) goodbye: page 8
03) remembrance: page 10
04) window: page 25
05) today tomorrow: page 37
06) expedition: page 45
07) birthday: page 71
08) void: page 86
09) dawn: page 97
10) cardboard stars, seashells: page 100
11) speed of light: page 102
12) recyclotron: page 110
13) hope: page 115
14) return: page 125
15) connectivity: page 129

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