Original Scratchboard Drawing: Page 40 from SPACE CADET Graphic Novel

Target demographic:

people who like high contrast art.

people who enjoy imagery involving food courts.

people who enjoyed the Space Cadet graphic novel or soundtrack.

people who have empathy for all things including robots.

people who leave their tray on the table

people who don’t leave their tray on the table.

drawn/scratched by Kid Koala

Original Scratchboard page from the Space Cadet graphic novel

Page 40 (L)

*L signifying it was on the left of the page spread in the printed version of the book. (That’s how I kept it all in order when I was working on the book)

1 original Kid Koala scratchboard in a custom float-mount frame built by Encadrex Montreal, who specialize in museum-grade frames.

12.75″ x 16″ x 1.5″


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