Original Scratchboard Drawings: Two Page Spread (pp. 22 & 23) from SPACE CADET Graphic Novel

Target demographic:

people who like high contrast art

people who like images of robots sitting at a noodle bar

people who enjoyed the Space Cadet book or soundtrack

people who like noodles

drawn/scratched by Kid Koala

Original Scratchboard page from the Space Cadet graphic novel

Page 22 (L) and 23 (R)

*L and R signifying it was on the left or right of a 2 page spread as in the printed version of the book. (That’s how I kept it all in order when I was working on the book)

2 original Kid Koala scratchboards in a custom float-mount frame built by Encadrex Montreal, who specialize in museum-grade frames.

17.25″ x 23.5″ x 1.5″


$ 10,000.00 CAD

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