SPACE CADET Olfactory Kit. Kid Koala x perfumer Celine Barel (IFF)

Designed for a special olfactive opera presentation of Kid Koala’s Space Cadet Headphone Concert at Luminato Festival.

A collaboration between Kid Koala and the celebrated perfumer-creator Celine Barel (IFF)

Includes 5 unique scents created by Celine Barel. Each inspired by pages/scenes from Kid Koala’s award winning graphic novel, Space Cadet.

Notes from the Perfumer, Celine Barel (IFF)

SEA SHELL / page 28

I created the scent for their escapade to the beach in layers: The sensual warmth of benzoin tears and the granular quality of cedarwood for the sand. A salty marine accord reminiscent of ambergris for the ocean. A combination of citrus fruits and creamy coconut for the sunk-kissed skin effect.


In 1998, IFF sent a miniature rose plant called the Overnight Scentsation aboard NASA’s space shuttle Discovery mission STS-95 and captured its smell in the absence of gravity. When I saw this drawing, I had to use the Space Rose, which I paired with a metallic note to convey the coldness of interstellar space.

URBAN CHAOS / page 69

This image evokes such sensory overload. I wanted to create a scent that “shouts” and is out of balance. I used a smoky Lapsang Souchong tea note with some patchouli and birch tar to give the sensation of asphalt and exhaust pipes.

THE ROBOT FACTORY / pages 112-113

My inspiration for this scent was a blend of steam and cold metal. I used aldehydes and amber extreme, an IFF captive molecule that smells very sharp and metallic. To convey the human side of the robots and add a sense of warmth, I also used a molecule that is the closest smell to human pheromones.

BIRTHDAY / page 73

The birthday scene is such a blissful moment. I envisioned a scent that would be comfortable, relaxing and a little regressive to awaken the child within all of us. I concocted a blend of vanilla absolute, musk and a mother’s milk accord that is the universal idea of love for me.


Celine Barel is a renowned French-born perfumer at International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF), a world leader in fragrance creation based in NYC. Her whimsical olfactive snapshots complement Kid Koala’s visual and musical world by adding the power of smell to the viewer’s overall experience of Space Cadet. Her unique craft as a perfumer blends artistry and science to create scent stories tat tap into our deepest emotions and memories.


**extra credit** Kid Koala recommends you read this wonderful interview with Celine Barel and learn more about her wonderful craft.


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